5 Important Reasons to Properly Clean Your Walk-In Tub

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You know that cleanliness is important. From cleanliness to yourself and home, do your best to maintain a clean and tidy appearance in all aspects of your life. But when it comes to your walk-in tub, regular cleaning is about more than just appearance. Here are five incredibly important reasons that you should be cleaning your walk-in tub regularly.

Maintain Anti-Slip Surface

Walk-in tubs have anti-slip surfaces that are designed to protect you and prevent a painful fall. But that anti-slip surface can’t do its job if it’s coated in soap scum from infrequent cleanings. In this way, failing to clean your tub regularly can present a safety hazard for you when using your tub. Soap residue can make a surface incredibly slippery, so it’s important that you properly rinse your tub after every use and wipe it down at least once a week to prevent any slippery buildup.

In addition to protecting you, this also helps to protect the tub’s coating. Just as regular washing helps maintain your car’s paint job, regularly cleaning your tub helps to keep that anti-slip coating in good condition.

Prevent Sickness and Infection

One of the reasons general cleanliness is so important is that it helps to keep you healthy. And isn’t that exactly why you’re taking a bath in the first place—to get yourself clean? But that’s hard to do if you’re bathing in the lingering residues from your last bath (and the one before). Rinsing your tub after each use ensures that you’re getting out all of that lingering dirt, oil, and skin cells that you washed off while bathing, so you’re using a clean tub every time you bathe.

This can potentially help prevent infection and illness that can occur from bathing in dirty water, particularly if you have any cuts or injuries submerged in the bathwater. It is just one more way that cleanliness leads to better health.

Prevent Door Leaks

Walk-in tubs have a unique feature that makes cleaning and maintenance even more important—the door that you use to get in and out of the tub. This door has a rubber seal that helps to prevent leaks when the tub is filled with water. But if that seal begins to erode, leaks can form. While all rubber seals will break down eventually, they will last much longer when they’re regularly wiped down with a dry towel, removing any moisture or buildup from the seal that can accelerate corrosion.

Keep Jets Running

If your walk-in tub has jets (as many models do), regular cleanings will help to keep those jets running efficiently while also ensuring that they’re pumping out clean water instead of the leftover gunk from your last bath. Hydro jets cycle the water from your tub, so dirt and skin particles are bound to accumulate in them to some extent. While cleaning out your tub regularly will reduce the amount that gets stuck in your jet system, it’s also important to flush out your jets on a monthly basis.

To do this:

  1. Fill your tub with warm water until the highest jet is covered.
  2. Add a cup of bleach and a spoonful of dishwasher detergent to the water, then turn your jet system on.
  3. Let it run for about 15 minutes, turn it off, and drain the water.
  4. Refill the tub with warm water again to the same level and, without adding anything, let it run for another 15 minutes to rinse out the plumbing.
  5. Turn the jets off, drain the tub, and rinse it out to finish.

Your General Comfort

Walk-in tubs are designed for more than accessibility; they’re also designed for your comfort. It’s hard to be comfortable in a tub that you can tell is dirty by looking at it. Who wants to step into a tub that has a gray film covering the seat and base? How do you relax when you’re worried about how much dirt those jets are churning up around you? A clean tub can provide you with greater comfort and peace of mind while using it, and keeping it clean doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Walk-in tubs should be rinsed out after each use, wiped down weekly (including wiping down the door seal), and have the jets flushed monthly. Be sure to use a gentle cleanser and a non-abrasive cleaning implement to protect the tub’s surface from scratches that could allow bacteria to accumulate. That’s all it takes to keep your tub clean, safe, and beautiful. If your mobility prevents you from performing this level of maintenance, please ask someone to assist you so that you can protect both your tub and yourself.

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