Maintenance And Servicing Of Portable Toilet Rental: What You Need To Know

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In a few months, you will be organizing a multi-day music festival in your city. For the bathroom needs of the attendees, you are looking for a company that can provide you with reliable and sanitary portable toilets. As your event isn’t a one-day-only occasion, you’d also need to know how to properly maintain and clean a rent porta potty.

Why Keep Porta Potties Clean?

Under normal circumstances, the standard rule is to clean and service a portable toilet once a week. The servicing will include cleaning the inside surfaces of a unit, pumping out waste, removing any debris, and replenishing toilet supplies. In addition to these, the waste tank is also added with fresh water and deodorizer.

Keep in mind that if you are to use portable toilet units heavily, cleaning and servicing must be done more frequently. This is done not only to comply with your legal obligation to keep sanitation facilities clean but also because of the following reasons:

Keeping your area safe from any health hazards. Any kind of toilet harbors bacteria and germs. If not cleaned, even a rent porta potty can cause health issues to its users.

Maintaining the aesthetics of your event or work area. Whether the portable toilet you’re renting out is for a music festival or for a construction site, an unsanitary unit is detrimental to the overall aesthetics of your venue or area.

Preventing you from stress-inducing consequences. Imagine if someone gets a disease from using an unmaintained portable toilet. Or if neat-nerd concert-goer posts about your unclean porta potties online and it gets viral. Even if these are extremes, these possible consequences can be avoided if you perform your obligation of keeping your toilets clean.

Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

To rent porta potty units is one thing. To have them maintained is another. Let us equip you with important maintenance tips to ensure you get the most out of these bathroom alternatives.

Rent out units enough to accommodate your needs

Avoid heavy toilet traffic by ordering enough units that cater to your event’s or work’s bathroom needs. If there aren’t enough of them, expect that they would get overused and unsanitary in just a short period of time, leaving you no choice but to clean them more frequently than what is needed.

Monitor your porta potties

Are the units still secure (i.e. They haven’t tipped over yet)? Are the toilet supplies still enough? Have the units become smelly? Outsource someone or assign some of your staff to regularly monitor your porta potties.

Make sure they’re stocked with toiletries

If a unit has run out of toiletries like paper towels or hand sanitizers, have the supplies replenished immediately. Doing so will ensure that your toilet users are equipped with sanitary tools to help maintain the porta potty’s cleanliness.

Pump out waste regularly

This is the most obvious maintenance activity you need to accomplish. Failing to empty your units regularly will make them immediately dirty, smelly, and germ-infested. While at it, units should also be aired out periodically to get rid of pungent odors.

If you’re planning to rent porta potty for your event, contact Smith’s Sanitary Septic Service today. On the go and gotta go? We got your back!

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