3 Great Ideas To Make Your Small Garden Your Very Own Oasis.

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As the population grows in the Abingdon area, there seems to be less and less space for everyone. Homes are becoming smaller and gardens are too, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t get to enjoy all that any garden has to offer. You can create the garden of your dreams from any size of space. All it takes is a little imagination and some professional help from the landscape experts in the area. If you look around the local neighbourhood, you will get many ideas about what you can do and then add them to your little area.

There are specialist companies that do small garden design in Abingdon and they have a number of great ideas that they would love to tell you about.

  1. Adding a water feature to a small garden is a great idea. The sound of running water creates a very tranquil place to sit, relax and reflect. Some additional lighting for the evening time would add some colour to the area.
  2. Putting a small patio where you could place a small table and some chairs is a great way to entertain your close friends with some food and drinks after a hard week’s work.
  3. Some shrubs and flowers here and there will add some much-needed colour to your small garden and help it to appear bigger than it really is.

Size isn’t what it is all about when it comes to your garden. It’s what you do with the space that you have that counts.








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