3 Things you Over-Look when Remodeling your Home

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Taking a sledgehammer and taking down unwanted walls in your home might sound like a lot of fun especially if you feel that your home has become outdated. However, home renovation is not always a fun process because it is time consuming. You will also be faced with a lot of decisions throughout the process, if you are not well prepared some things can be over looked. This article will cover three of the most over looked things during the remodel of a home.

The most used rooms in the house

Without a doubt the kitchen and the living room are one of the most utilized rooms in any home. The kitchen is not just a place where you prepare your meals but it is also the room where the whole family gathers. Some of the most serious decisions also happens in the kitchen. However, most people will forget the kitchen especially if they are on a budget. When on a budget some people will end up purchasing cheaper appliances and doing the renovation halfway by forgetting crucial things such as the cabinets. It is important that the kitchen is not only functional but also up to date especially if you are considering selling the house in the near future. Another space to consider is the living room.

The bathroom might be the smallest room in the house but it is arguably one of the most important rooms in the house. Most people will often overlook the bathroom and concentrate on other rooms such as the bedroom and the living room only to remember the bathroom as an afterthought. Even if you renovate the entire house and leave out the bathroom you could still embarrass yourself when guests visit your bathroom. An old outdated bathroom might leave a negative impression of your home on the visitor’s mind. Most people think that the only reason to have the bathroom renovated is to make cosmetic changes but there is more to it than that including installing water saving devices. In the end a bathroom remodel can increase the resale value of the home.

The septic tank

Most homeowners want to forget that the septic tank exists but it is not their fault, in most cases out of sight out of mind is true when it comes to the septic tank. It is because it is buried in the ground and it is not a problem until it is too late. Most people will only remember the septic tank only when it has a problem. When most people renovate their house and make it larger, they forget that the septic tank that is already installed is smaller than what is required. You might be required to add a new tack to serve the increased size of the home. Other than having a new septic tank installed you could renovate your old tank and install a level sensor for liquids.


The landscape can be defined as the prelude of the interior of the house. The landscape is what people will see first when they are walking into the house it should therefore create the atmosphere, set the mood and generally tie into what is happening on the inside of the house. Even if the interior of the house looks magnificent with all the latest appliances, if the landscape is wanting it paints the wrong picture in a guest’s mind. While planning the renovation of the house including the installation of level sensor for liquids you should set aside part of the budget for the landscape. Ask a professional to assist you in landscape design for the best results.

Home renovation can prove to be an expensive affair, not just in terms of money but also time. It can be exhausting and one might tend to forget or overlook certain areas of the house when they renovate. The above are the three most overlooked things or spaces when a home owner is renovating their home.

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