3 Tips To Make Sure You Choose The Right Tree Removal Company

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Trees are wonderful things and they offer many benefits to us as homeowners. They provide protection from the sun which allows our paint job on the house to last longer. They help to keep our homes in the shade to help decrease our air conditioning bills and they are really beautiful to look at. A large tree in front of or to the side of a home, paints a beautiful picture and brings the countryside to the city. However, trees can also fall down in high winds, their branches can break off and fly through your windows and they also offer a great home for vermin.

Nobody wants a tree branch to come crashing into their home and they certainly don’t want a branch tapping at their bedroom window all night. Many Australians would be tempted to try to do the job themselves, but this is a bad idea as you think you know what you’re doing, but you probably don’t. You could fall out of the tree or you could cut yourself with a saw or chain saw, and it is times like this that you need to look for a Perth tree removal expert who can do the job right. Finding the right people to do the work can be a bit of a minefield  and here are some tips to make sure that you choose wisely.

  1. Insurance – Getting the local handyman in the town to do the work is tempting, because he is cheap but this is a risky choice. In order to do work like this, he needs to have the proper insurance to protect himself and your property, in the event anything goes wrong. Ask to see his paperwork and check if he has sufficient liability insurance and check the dates to make sure that the policy is current. Ring the insurance company on the policy to make sure that the paper is authentic.
  2. Money Upfront – Always be wary of anyone who asks for some money up front to do your tree work for you. It has happened numerous times in Perth where they have taken the money and never came back. Also insist on some kind of an estimate on paper, about how much the job is going to cost and ask for a contract to be drawn up stipulating what the job entails and the total cost of their services. You can’t be overly careful in this situation.
  3. Protecting Your Tree – Maybe you love having a tree in your garden and the job you want done is some pruning and cutting back here and there. This tree has been in your family for ages and you may have even planted it yourself when you first moved in. Some tree removal companies insist on wearing climbing spikes when they climb your tree and if you don’t want them damaging the tree, then insist they use ropes or an aerial lift to do the job.

When hiring your tree removal expert word of mouth and online reviews are a great way to find out if they are suitable for the job you want done.

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