4 Interior Design Tips for an Italian Look

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The Italians are known worldwide for their penchant for style, and this doesn’t stop at fashion. With its ornate gilded detailing and high-quality fabrics, Italian interior design oozes luxury and elegance. This timeless fashion dates all the way back to the Renaissance era in the 15th century, where extravagant architecture ruled in the form of detailed stone columns and Baroque designs with richly sculpted surfaces. Whilst much of this design-trend is a little excessive when thinking about your home’s interiors, there are still subtle ways that you can bring a taste of timeless Italian style into your designs. If you want a slice of the dolce vita in your home, here are 4 styles you can adopt in your interior design:

  1. Venetian Plaster

Venetian plaster is the perfect way to bring Renaissance-era style into your home without going over the top. Also referred to as textured or polished plaster, Venetian plaster has experienced a boom in the design world of late and is an excellent option if you’re looking to add some Italian character to a room. Using natural lime plaster, it can be tinted in almost any colour you can think of and can be applied to both exteriors and interiors, meaning this material can be suited to any design. If you’re seeking to add some texture to a space, Venetian plaster offers an excellent solution which utilises your walls to the fullest. If you want to achieve this look, there are suppliers of Venetian plaster in Perth who can do all the hard work for you, allowing you to reach an authentic and high-quality finish. As it’s a difficult look to get right, it is best left to the professionals!

  1. Marble

Marble floors and surfaces are another great way to inject some Italian style into your home. This is an elegant and hardwearing material that has luxury written all over it. Best applied in bathrooms, kitchens or floor tiling, marble is another great way to add a textured feel as a result of the organic veining that runs through the stone. It is possible to obtain a good effect using imitation marble, making this one of the few Italian styles you may be able to scrimp on a little.

  1. Chandeliers

Another feature which appears again and again in Italian design is the sculptural, glass crystal chandelier. Whilst you have to be careful about where you use chandeliers in order for them not to be overbearing, if you have a high-ceilinged living room or entrance-way they are a fantastic way to add a luxurious feel to your home.

  1. Gilded Gold

Gold is another factor that features heavily in Italian design. Although many people shy away from this as they feel it is too extravagant, there are simple ways in which you can include gold in your design. From picture or mirror frames to tiling, gold can be incorporated in smaller items for a real taste of Italy.

Just remember, Italian design is all about quality, so don’t risk ending up with a tacky look by scrimping on materials or detail. By opting for the highest quality furnishings and experienced craftsmanship, you can be luxuriating in your Italian casa in no time.

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