5 Amazing Tips for Choosing Quality Oak Flooring

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Flooring is an important part of interior finishing that one can never forget. No doubt it has to look good, but along with that there are some crucial characteristics that it has to posses so that it can turn out to be the perfect flooring for your house. There are many house owners who consider wooden flooring to be the best, after all nothing can be compared to wood when it comes to durability and strength. There are a lot of options available in the market but the most popular one is quality oak flooring

Having this type of floor allows you to get a perfect insulation and at the same time it gives the same old traditional charm to the interior. To help you out, here are 5 easy tips that you can use for exploring the right kind of oak flooring for your house.

Oak Flooring

  • Always Use Finished Oak for Flooring

The first and the most obvious thing is that you must make sure the oak plank you are using for the flooring of your house is finished. But, the question is how to know what exactly is finished oak and how does this differ from the normal wood. Just like any other woods even oak absorbs moisture and tends to rot with time. This means that unfinished oak boards are not durable and thus would never be able to satisfy the expectations that you have from your oak flooring. So, to avoid this always go with professional engineered oak flooring that has been finished to perfection. Only finished oak wood boards will be able to give you the quality, durability, appeal and strength that you desire from them.

  • The Right Color of Oak Flooring

High quality oak flooring basically comes in two natural color options to choose from, one is reddish brown and the other is whitish brown. Both are quite distinct in their appeal and definitely add up to the aura of your house. Other than two different colors, these boards even come up with different styles and designs that would complement the theme of the house. They increase the spaciousness of the house and thus bring a warm and cozy look, something that almost every house owner craves of.

  • Perfect Dimension of Oak Flooring

Just like any other type of flooring even oak hardwood boards are provided in different dimensions with different length, thickness and width. Choosing the appropriate one here solely depends upon the flooring area of your house along with the preferences that you have. This is the reason why contractors always ask the customers to measure the flooring area before purchasing the oak boards as this will help them in exploring the right dimension of board for their house. As in appropriate measurements are something that would ultimately affect the installation process of the flooring.

  • Three Grades of Oak Boards

The type of finished oak boards that are used for flooring are available in three grades. These three grades are influenced by the perfection, functionalities and durability of the wood. The clear oak which is high quality oak flooring is flawless and does not hold any type of imperfections at all. The lowest grade is the common oak which though lacks in quality but is something that one can use for commercial areas where natural beauty of the material would outshine its flaws.

  • Hiring Experienced Professional for Installation

The last tip is to always go for experienced professional when dealing with the installation process of oak boards. As this is something that can turn out to be a bit tricky to handle, thus professionals will always help you out with their best services, making sure your flooring is finished in a perfected manner.

Hope you like and get all above tips for choosing right kind of oak Flooring for your home. Keep in touch to get more information about Flooring.

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