5 DIY Bathroom Renovation Suggestions For This Winter

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A well-designed bathroom is sure to life the spirits of the user. In fact, bathroom renovation if done wisely will transform your entire bathroom space. Here are five easy DIY bathroom renovation suggestions for this winter. These ideas will not only render the theme perfectly, but will also help save energy.

DIY Bathroom Renovation

1.    Warm Walls
A big chunk of savings over your household energy comes from insulated walls. You opt for internal insulation for the walls. It is an extensive task, wherein you ought to remove the fittings and tiles removed as well as other fixtures from the walls. Although, it takes some time and might cost you a bit, but it certainly pays off in the form of energy savings.

2.    Warm Steps
It is jarring to step on a cold flooring post a warm and soothing bath under the shower. Therefore, consider insulating your floor similar to the walls to prevent the removal of floor tiles for insulation later.

3.    Water Heating
Even if it seems to be good, it is sensible to have a check on your boiler prior to the onset of winter. If you are using the same boiler since the last ten years, then consider replacing it with a new and energy efficient one. An excellent choice is the one, which runs on solar power. If buying a new one, then consider buying one with controls to help regular the temperature to avoid unwanted boiling of water. If you are using a hot water cylinder to heat water in your bathroom, then make sure that it is properly insulated. Check your thermostat and make sure that it is set at 60 degrees C.

4.    Insulate all the Pipes
Another means to have a warm bathroom is by insulating hot water pipes. This might involve flexing your body a bit, as you will have to conceal the pipes properly. However, energy saving is worth the efforts you put in.

5.    Aerated Bathroom Fixtures
An aerated showerhead will help curb water as well as energy consumption to a great extent. Furthermore, this works similarly for aerated taps too. In fact, aerated showers utilize less water as well as provide high flow. When changing your showerhead, it is advisable to have double showerheads.  This is because the steam emitted from both these showerheads will help you stay warm while you take your shower. So these are five DIY bathroom renovation suggestions that you can take up this winter.

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