5 Ways to Prevent Blocked Drains

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We’ve all been there. After years of abuse, the drainage system taking waste water away from your property has finally given up and you’re experiencing blockages. If it’s already got to this stage then you’re going to have to call in the experts to solve the problem.

Luckily, there are things you can do in the future to prevent this from happening again. Here we’ll give you 5 ways to prevent blocked drains.

Stop Putting Food Down the Kitchen Sink

The waste from your evening meal is often the main culprit in blocked drainage pipework. Large pieces of food will often get stuck as they make their way through your system of pipes so you should be placing all waste food into the bin.

Pouring fat and oil down the sink is also another big problem. It may be in liquid form as it goes down but you will find it quickly solidifies as it cools and comes into contact with water.

Be Careful What You Flush Down the Toilet

Only toilet paper should be routinely flushed. Everything else including kitchen towel, cotton buds, and used sanitary products should be going into the bin.

Although these products are derived from paper, they don’t dissolve and breakdown in the same way as much softer toilet tissue. If there is a problem with your toilet, this is likely the cause.

Buy Some Bacteria

It is a good idea to carry out preventative maintenance on all of your heavily used plug holes in the form of cleaning bacteria. It works by naturally breaking down all of the deposits that have begun to form in your drainage network, keeping them stay clearer for longer.

If you can’t find bacteria, try some of the chemical based drainage cleaners on the market. These can be very strong so be careful not to inhale the fumes or get the product onto your skin. Regular use of either product can prevent costly blockages.

Keep an Eye on Your Hair

Excessive hair build-up is another big culprit for blocked drains. It looks innocent enough but longer strands can become tangled with anything else that happens to be sitting in your drainage system, causing a complete blockage.

Consider installing a filter on the plug holes of your bathroom shower and basin to prevent this hair from entering your pipework and throw it in the bin instead.

Use Your Plunger

Everyone should have at least one toilet plunger in their home. They can also be used on sink, basin and shower plug holes to clear any blockage that may be building up. Consider reaching for the plunger on a weekly basis on the most used sinks in your house – this in conjunction with the other tips should eliminate blockages altogether.

If you’re reading this but your plumbing is too far gone, it’s time to pick up the phone and call for help. Blocked drains in Maidstone and other areas of the South-East can be cleared easily enough by one of the specialists in the area.

As soon as you notice a problem, make the call before it’s too late.

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