A Complete Guide to Door and Window Replacement

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If you haven’t already replaced your windows and doors, it is something that you will have to do sooner or later, and with modern bespoke solutions, there has never been a better time to carry out this home improvement. As far as home improvements go, door and window replacement is something you want to do only one time, and once the job is completed, you can expect to enjoy many years of trouble free use. If you happen to live in the UK, you probably receive regular phone calls from local window companies, and while it wouldn’t hurt to get some information, it isn’t recommended to buy from a company that sources the customer.

Seek Out Recommendations

If you have lived in the area for a few years, the chances are you will know of someone who has already had their windows and doors replaced, and if they give glowing reviews, this would be an excellent start. Recommendations are not always available, and besides, some people are reluctant to recommend, for fear that something will go awry and they will be blamed, so in the case of having no firm recommendation sources, an online search is the best place to start. If you happen to be searching for double glazed windows in North London, there is an established supplier who can design, build and install quality made to measure units.

Online Searching

There are many suppliers of replacement windows and doors, and you ideally want to deal with someone local. Look for a company that is already well-established, and if they are proud of their service to the community, they would have many fine examples of finished projects that you can view at your leisure. Once you have located a prime contender, your next step is to choose the materials. While it is still possible to have softwood timber frames, modern solutions include UPVC frames that are maintenance free, and with double glazed units, you have a high level of thermal and sound insulation. Aluminium is also maintenance free, but is generally more susceptible to condensation, yet UPVC ticks all the boxes, and with a range of colours and finishes, your home will be complemented by stylish and functional doors and windows.

Design Options

You may already have firm ideas about the look you wish to create, in which case, the supplier would be happy to work to your concept, and with faux wood-grain finishes and a range of colours, you are not limited in any way. If, on the other hand, you have not yet considered design options, an established company can give you many ideas, and once you see something you like, a design can be created. Even Georgian or Victorian styles can be replicated, with special white infills that give the appearance of small square windows.

Made to Measure

After an initial measuring process that enables the company to quote a price, a second, more precise measurement would take place by a qualified surveyor, and with the units made to the millimetre, you are guaranteed a perfect fit.

Any established window and door supplier would offer an extensive warranty on both product and labour, which gives the customer added confidence

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