A Comprehensive Guide to Porch Design

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If you would like to increase your living space a little, designing and installing your own porch is a cost effective way of expanding the entrance area to your home, and it also provides a buffer between the cold exterior and the warm indoors. Of course, there are certain considerations, such as keeping in line with the existing look of the home, and by using carefully matched bricks and similar windows, the porch can look like it is part of the home, rather than an extension that was added at a later date. If the idea had not sprung to mind, there are many benefits from having a porch built, and to make things easier, here are a few tips to help make it something uniquely attractive.

Consult the Experts

Like anything else, porch design can be complex, and with a wide range of materials and styles, it pays to contact a professional builder who also handles porches. If, for example, you live in Middlesex, and wanted the best porch design, a visit to The Window Centre is all it takes, where you can see some great examples in their showroom, and with bespoke creations and affordable prices, your new porch will soon become a vital part of the home.

Traditional Vs Modern

Designs are abundant, and of course, whatever you choose needs to look like it belongs, but if you approach the right company with an open mind, you might be surprised at how tinted glass and UPVC can transform the front of your property. Glass is a preferred material as it provides the essential lighting, and also aids in visibility when inside.

Triple Glazing

We have known for many years that a single pane of glass results in major heat loss, and while double glazing changed all that, there is still a degree of heat loss, even with hermetically sealed units, and with triple glazing, that extra layer makes all the difference. Sound insulation is taken to a new level with triple glazing, and most homeowners are surprised at how quiet it is after the installation.

Traditional Brick or Stone

If the property is of brick or stone construction, then finding something that matches will provide the lower section, which would be the base for the glazing, and with the right roof design, you can really complement the exterior elevation.  A fully glazed porch can still blend with a period home, especially if the material is carefully selected, and if you really want something rustic, a hardwood porch would be ideal.

Council Approval

According to UK law, if a porch exceeds 3.5 sqm, you are required to seek planning permission, and this would be something the contractor would deal with. It isn’t often that a porch design is rejected, but nevertheless, the right protocol must be followed, and letting the professionals deal with it is the best approach.

Porch design has changed since the arrival of double glazing and composite materials, and with timber grain finish aluminium or UPVC, you can have the best of both worlds.

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