A list of disadvantages Self-service Provides

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Self-service is the best way if you want to save money and have some satisfaction by taking extreme care of your dearly belonging. There are however some disadvantages that compile us to revise our decision for self-service moving.

Lifting heavy boxes

When you leave the house, they are a hell lot of luggage to be carried. To pack it in one box makes it very heavy for a single person to carry. On the other side to lighter yet separate boxes would require too much traveling to load and unload the boxes on the truck. Both sides you are to face problems moreover big furniture becomes very difficult to carry it. Some may also require more than two people to make the shifting. In that case, you are out of energy to make the second shifting. Not everyone is a superman. You have limited strength. Moreover for people who are not used to it are more likely to cause strains and injuries to themselves. It’s sometimes even become a life risk.

Even though you are a regular traveler to the gym but to move thing out of the room requires an expert. Some unevenly shaped attic could be very different to set out of the room. There you need an artistic and creative mind to recognize the best and successful way to take that furniture in or out of the room. Only an experienced mover can be able to do that effectively and within a limited time.

Time Consumption

This isn’t time efficient if you don’t have many friends or relatives to help you out. loading and unload the items one by one to and out of the room which only make your health go down. The heavy boxes are very difficult o carry and after some boxes, you will lose all your strength to pick any of them anymore, you will, therefore, delay the whole moving process

Moreover, the trucks are rented on an hourly basis, so the more time you take the more you have to pay.

Risk of damages

No matter how cautious you become while the shifting you would eventually at some point make some mistake and would damage some of the possessions. It not your fault. You are not used to this shifting and do not know the perfect way to handle the different belongings. Moreover, in a haste to get the job done fast, you are most likely to make a mistake.


A professional like umzugsfirma zurich, in this case, it the most efficient one to trust. Their experiences would allow maintaining peace with your belongings, as well as manage the timing to completion of the task. They are used to these tasks and hence they know every corner of the moving business.

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