Adding a Backyard Shed to a Property

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A shed is a single-story, simple structure with a roof, a door and possibly windows. The space inside the shed is used to store things such as garden tools, crafts and supplies. This is different from the popular term “she sheds.” The she shed term refers to an interior or exterior area of the property a woman solely claims as her own. It could be an actual shed or a room. The term backyard sheds only refer to the common place where it is located.

Adding a Backyard Shed to a Property

The first step in adding a shed to a backyard is to determine the space where the shed will go. Determine the size of the shed. Figure out the purpose of the shed. For instance, will the shed be used to store lawn equipment, kids’ playroom or a hide-a-way space.

The next thing to do is research. Not only should the property owner measure the type of things you plan to store to ensure the shed is not too big or too small. What will sometimes happen is that people will have a shed built that is too small of their purpose.

Research is a vital step when adding a shed. Check local zoning ordinances. Every municipality has various restrictions regarding accessory buildings like sheds. Codes will dictate the location and size of the shed. Also, check about permits. Some municipalities require a property owner take out a permit when add shed to property.

If the city does require a property owner obtain a permit, they need a plat of survey. The survey is a map that shows a layout of the lot and its property line. Submit the survey to the zoning department to determine where the shed should be located.

Pick the Perfect Shed Option

Look at a variety of sheds to discover what type will go best in the backyard. It may be helpful to look online and at big box stores to get an understand of available shed options. Three basic sheds for the backyard exists.

The off-the-shelf shed is an affordable option because it allows the owner to store equipment such as lawn tools. It is usually located beside the garage on the side of a house. The custom shed is a little more expensive than other options. This is the perfect option for anyone who wants to combine their shed with their landscape or home. The shed is designed by an architect and is based on owner’s preferences such as shelving and number of windows and/or doors. Prefab, also called prefabrication, is the last option. It is versatile. This means a homeowner can use the shed over time in a different way. These sheds are semi-customized regarding the color and number of windows.

Changing the Look of a Backyard with a Shed

A great way to add storage to a backyard is with a shed. The shed can be as detailed as you want it. The only limit to adding a shed in the property owner’s imagination.

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