Additional Light, Great Appearance with Bi Folding Doors

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Some homeowners choose standard hinged doors for both interior and exterior use because this style suits their personal tastes and the specific purposes of their homes. Others select bi fold doors for the same reason, whether it’s for an interior passage to another room or from an interior space to a patio or deck area. Because these doors can be manufactured in an array of sizes using different materials, property owners should be able to find doors to suit their purposes.

Designers, builders, and homeowners find this door type extremely useful because of the way they fold along a track or rail and don’t swing out into the living space. This is a significant advantage as compared to traditional hinged doors because bi fold doors don’t swing out further than the width of one panel. This makes them the right choice for a living room as well as for the entrance/exit between your home’s interior and a deck or patio.

Your Options

You can get started by visiting the website of a well-known, reliable provider of quality bi folding doors in London. As you gather your information, be sure to learn about the different materials available such as timber, aluminium, and composite. Each of these options has unique features and delivers its own benefits. For example, if the general theme of your structure is timber or if you want timber as an accent for other materials, you might choose engineered timber folding or sliding doors. Arrange for a bespoke size, threshold, and finish option.

Choose softwood, hardwood, or oak and specify your opening configuration, paint or stain finish, and whether you need inward opening or outward opening. You can also find door styles delivering great value for the quality of materials and construction. You can even specify the number of panels for some designs, ranging from three to seven panels. If you’d prefer to have an “interfold” design, you’ll be making the best choice for passage between a conservatory and the main rooms of your home.

A Specific Example

If you’ve given thought to using bi fold doors in the living room, for example, you’re making a good choice. Large doors can serve as both a temporary wall and as doors, of course. When folded back, you create a new large space from the connected rooms. It’s a good way to comfortably connect a den and kitchen or a living room and kitchen. Because of the larger panes of glass and the high quality of materials, these doors deliver a feel of increased space even when closed.

This door type also helps disperse natural light throughout the home, which traditional solid doors may not. With good materials and expert glazing, you also benefit from the energy-saving advantages. You might find yourself leaving lights off on cloudy days, thanks to additional light coming through the glass.

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