Advice on windows washing and carpet cleaning

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In order to keep you home clean, you have to take care of a lot of things. Windows and carpets are two of the thing s that often gets dirty and needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. You can either get it done by yourself or you can also seek commercial window cleaning Mississauga.

Always wash the windows start with cleaning and washing of the frame and then move on to the glass. Very often admit error Getting to wash the glass, and then frame. Clean the windows from the main dirt. Moisten the sponge in water with dissolved detergent, and thoroughly wet the glass surface. Then, without missing a centimetre, clean the window, driving down the dirt with a sponge. Remember that the main pollution are located at the junctions of the glass and frame. Therefore, the conclusion of the first stage, draw a sponge on the perimeter of the window, increasing the pressure. While washing plastic windows from outside, use a brush with a long handle. Be aware of security measures, and avoid sudden movements.

As for carpet, you can use home methods to clean it or else, you can seek cleaning services for your carpet as well. An expert advise in addition to regular cleaning, clean the carpet every six months or at least once a year and, before brushing the carpet, it is best to turn to professionals to find out which way is best to clean your carpet

All of the above can be done with a wet tea leaves asleep or sawdust. You can clean the carpet with soap solution with the addition of turpentine (1 teaspoon per 1 litre of water). Having a dry mixture of starch and finely grated soap , sprinkle it on the carpet and spread with a soft brush or a broom, and after 40 minutes carefully vacuumed the carpet. It is a method of dry cleaning.

Very rarely, you can clean the carpet with ammonia (2 tablespoons of alcohol per 1 litre of water). After such cleaning the carpet should dry well. Even the carpets cleaned with a soft brush dipped in salt water solution with the addition of not very large amount of citric acid.

Now let us talk a little about the spots. As mentioned above, spot removal is better to have a set spot remover, foam-like funds and crystallized shampoo, but a rapid response can be overcome and folk remedies. Here are some of them. Stains from wine, liquor, beer can be removed with a cloth soaked in soapy water first, then with warm water and vinegar.

Another method is to take tablespoon of vinegar and add to it 1 gallon of water), lint-free cloth take not and wetting it in this solution, then this was covered with a rag carpet and it knocks him. When the cloth was getting dirty, it changed or erased. This procedure has to repeated several times. Hope this information was useful for you.

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