Appliances That Sync with Your iPhone

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Did you know that there are many household appliances available today that can sync with your iPhone? In pursuit of a truly controllable and adaptable home automated and remote-controllable appliances are the direction in which a lot of manufacturers today are going. While most of these advanced technologies are expensive, some of them can save you money.

 Thermostats that Can Save You Money

Thermostats are a great example of syncing technology, and they can save you a good deal of money, too. With a syncing thermostat, which runs about £165, you can control the temperature of your home via your iPhone. You can also set the thermostat to learn, so that it figures out the best way to keep your home heated or cooled. This enables you to save on electricity costs and the thermostat module eventually pays for itself. For convenience, you can heat or cool your home on the way home from work.

 Security Systems Accessible from Anywhere

Security systems are another great iPhone technology. With an iPhone-enabled security system, you can turn your security system on from a distance, if necessary. You can also check the security systems and get alerts when anything unexpected happens. By using iPhone-enabled security, you can also save on monthly fees to other security companies. Another home security product, garage doors, can be controlled via the iPhone. These can be programmed specifically to open when the GPS detects that you are near. These start at about £500.

 Televisions in the Palm of Your Hand

Many smart televisions and entertainment consoles can sync to your iPhone today. This allows you to control what you view through your iPhone, such as pulling up specific videos, apps, or streaming television services with a tap on your touch screen. Some televisions will even allow you to use your iPhone like a remote control, which is perfect for when you can’t find the thing. New DVR or recording machines also allow you to record on your television from anywhere, which is really convenient while away from home. A system that controls your entertainment appliances can be as inexpensive as £45.

 Ideas for the Future

There are other appliances that are still in the works. Some manufacturers are now working on refrigerators that can use UPC codes to track the items inside of them. This would enable you to check your refrigerator from work to see what you have at home. You might even be able to match this remotely with certain recipes that you have saved or that are pulled from the Internet. These refrigerators would even be able to stock themselves based on the preferences that you set. This means that you could set the refrigerator to order milk when you’re out.

There are many monitoring systems, such as babysitter cameras, that you can set up with your iPhone. This enables you to watch the kids at home, or even check in on your pets. With such a monitoring system installed, you can see if anything untoward has happened in your home. In the future, you may be able to see that you left the television on, and then turn it off, from anywhere in the world.

Appliances That Sync

The goal is to network your entire household to be completely controllable through your iPhone. It will allow you to check on your home, and even pets, from anywhere in the world.

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