Are You Ready For Spring Cleaning?

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 Now that the cold chill of winter is thawing out and fresh, green foliage is brightening up outdoor spaces, it is time to turn your attention to the inside of your home. You may clean your home regularly throughout the year, but spring cleaning is more in-depth, and it may take you several days or longer to complete. With this in mind, you need to take a few steps to prepare for this big project that you are about to tackle.

 Create a Cleaning Plan

Spring cleaning is a time to thoroughly de-clutter your home and to tackle those more in-depth cleaning chores that don’t need to be done every week. For example, you may clean out the closets, re-organize the pantry, clean the baseboards and ceiling fans and perform other chores when spring cleaning. In each room, you have several different chores that need your attention. To get the job done right, you don’t want to rush through your house without rhyme or reason. Developing a cleaning plan that lists specific tasks that you want to accomplish and a timeline for accomplishing those tasks can help you to complete this major project. Just one extra plannig tip: when you finish with all cleaning tasks it will be great to reward all persons involved in this big project. For example, if you live in NY area, maybe this list of top 5 dinners in Queens & NYC can help.

  Gather Your Supplies

 Your spring cleaning efforts will go more smoothly when you have all of the supplies you need on hand. This isn’t your typical cleaning session, so you may need extra supplies. Of course, gather all of your normal cleaning supplies and cleansers, but also break out the carpet steam cleaner, grout cleaner and other items that you rarely use. In addition, gather extra plastic bags and boxes so that you can easily sort discarded items for the trash, recycling or charitable donations.

  Finish One Room Before You Move On

After you have made a list of everything that you need to do to spring clean your home, you may easily feel overwhelmed. Should you clean all of the carpets at once before you move on to the closets, or should you tackle one room at a time? Each person will have their preference, but you may find that you feel a greater sense of accomplishment when you tackle one room at a time. This way, you can systematically move through the house and declare each room “Done!” You may find a greater sense of fulfillment and motivation to continue when you do your chores this way.

 Start at the Top

If it has been awhile since you last performed a thorough spring cleaning, even making the decision to tackle one room at a time can seem overwhelming. Should you start in this corner of the room, start cleaning out drawers or work on the closet first? A great idea is to start at the top of the room and move down, but compartmentalize each area as you go. For example, you can start in a closet, but start at the top of the closet by cleaning and reorganizing shelves. When you tackle the dressers in the bedroom or cabinets in the kitchen, use this top-down method as well.

 Ready For Spring Cleaning

 The fact is that spring cleaning is huge undertaking, but the effort that you make will be well-rewarded. By developing a great cleaning plan as well as a strategy for executing that plan, you can more easily enjoy the benefits of a beautifully clean home.

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