Buying a New House? A Look at your Security Options

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It might be your very first home, or you could be approaching retirement and have purchased your dream retirement residence, either way, you will need to source adequate home security, and with that in mind, here is a brief overview of popular home security system on the market today.

  • Video Surveillance – By far the most popular way to protect your property, CCTV is a fit and forget solution that will deter any would be intruder, and with affordable security camera systems in Perth that are fitted by experts, your home security is sorted. CTTV requires no maintenance and with the high definition, 4 mega-pixel cameras of today, you are guaranteed crystal clear footage at all times. Remote viewing is possible – with an Internet connection – which is great when you and the family are on the other side of the world and would like to check up on the home. For cost effective home security with no fuss or hassle, video surveillance is the only way to go. There are online suppliers of hi-tech kits that they can either install or just supply, so if you are up to the task, there’s an extra saving to be had.
  • A Big Dog – You might laugh, but many Australians have a four legged member of the family that is on the large side, and being as Fido isn’t going anywhere and sleeps near the front porch, he is a credible deterrent. Of course, you would need to affix a sign on the gate warning people that your dog bites! Seriously, don’t go out and buy a Rottweiler after reading this, as any pet requires a lot of care, and the big dog option is only suitable if you happen to enjoy having a big, soft, four legged friend.
  • Alarm System – You need to be very well versed to operate such a system, but they do offer adequate protection. The earlier versions tended to be triggered by children or pets, but I have been assured, this is no longer an issue, and with motion sensors, you can scare away a burglar before he even gets close to the window. There are many variations, and like CCTV, there are no off the shelf solutions, rather call up a local supplier and he would visit you at home and work out the best form of protection.
  • Security Screens – The earlier versions made the home look a little like Fort Knox, yet recent developments use a special fine steel mesh, which is virtually impenetrable. Tailored solutions allow for blending in with the surrounds, and this is a reasonable level of protection, as long as you remember to lock the windows and doors.

So, there you have it, the above choices are what is available today, and by using the technology we have, video surveillance ticks all the boxes, and with the right arrangement of high quality cameras, you have a 24/7 security guard who works for free!


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