Buying the Best Air Hockey Table for Your Home

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The fast-paced game of air hockey enjoys widespread popularity. Air hockey got its start back in the late 1960s and since its inception, has grown to be one of the most popular games to play at home, in pubs and in recreation centers the world over. If you have decided to do a bit of online shopping to find air hockey tables for sale, here are a few tips which can help you find the right table for your needs.


The amount of available space you have in your home is of the utmost importance when looking for air hockey tables for sale. As you conduct your online shopping search, you will discover that these tables come in many sizes. If you have a lot of space, there is nothing better than an arcade-style table that’s about eight feet long. This larger size air hockey table will all but guarantee that you will enjoy highly competitive games on a very well constructed table that will provide you with years of enjoyment. If you don’t have a lot of space, you should look for air hockey tables for sale designed for intermediate player skill which average about six feet in length. If your space is very limited and you are new to the game, a basic table made of particle board can be purchased online for under $100.


All types of air hockey tables come with options and features designed to make the game more fun to play. You will notice when looking through air hockey tables for sale that some feature electronic scoreboards while others don’t. Some of these tables come with all the bells and whistles light flashing lights and sounds that activate when goals are scored. Generally speaking, air hockey tables which are moderately priced and designed for home play do come with a nice set of basic features like automatic scoring, premium surfaces and detailed graphics.

Air Hockey Table Motor

The motor on a table is what distributes a stream of air across the table’s surface to make the pucks glide easily. The best air hockey tables for sale come with commercial-grade, industrial-rated blower motors to provide superior, high speed and pro performance. When doing your online shopping, be sure to look for air hockey tables which feature 110 volt fan motors that are tested to all relevant standards. When you buy an air hockey table that has a very good motor, your time spent playing this fast-paced game will be very fun as a good motor with ample power can make all the difference in the world.

Best Air Hockey Table

Shipping Costs

Don’t be fooled by offers of free shipping as often these sellers simply jack up the prices of their tables considerably to off-set the shipping costs. What you will end up paying for shipping depends on the size of the table you buy and how far it has to be transported to reach you. One way to save on shipping is to buy a table from a vendor that’s close to you. An even better scenario would be to find air hockey tables for sale within driving distance of your home and then rent a truck and go pick up the table yourself so you don’t have to pay any shipping fees at all.

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