Care and Maintenance for Your Timber Deck

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If you have invested in a beautiful timber deck or are thinking about purchasing one, you are making a wonderful decision.A deck made of Merbau decking or some other really durable and beautiful hardwood will last for decades and bring your family endless joy.

If you are thinking about this wonderful purchase you must be wondering about how to maintain the deck. After all it is made of natural hardwood and all wood requires specific maintenance in order to keep it sturdy and looking good for its entire life. Following are specific instructions for caring for your hardwood timber deck.  

Regular Cleaning

You have to adopt a routine where you clean your deck regularly of dust and grime. Remember this is natural wood and things left on it for a long period can get into the wood. Make it a habit if there are trees hanging over the deck to make sure that sap, leaves and twigs are removed quickly to avoid any damage to your deck.

Stains should also be removed quickly and any stains that have penetrated the stains should be sanded immediately and refinished.

Staining Your Deck

A beautiful rich stain will give your deck a beautiful warm and finished look that will bring out the luster of the timber. You should opt for a good quality stain that is water resistant and has protection against UV rays. Use a generous amount of stain in several coats and do it when you notice that the color of your deck is fading.

Use Oil on Your Deck

It is best to use oil for the top layer of your deck because it resist the sun’s UV rays and helps keep the deck top layer from drying out. You will have to do this regularly depending on where you live and the weather conditions. More sun will me a more regular oiling.

Damaged Areas

You can expect that from time to time your deck will get surface damage. If the damage is only on the surface of the deck, you should immediately repair any damaged areas of your timber deck. If you have had surface damage perhaps from a  piece of furniture, a nail  or some other object has caused scratches or gouges, you should use sandpaper and sand out the damaged areas and then immediately stains and oil the repaired area so your it matches with the rest of your deck. If the damage is deeper or even goes through or breaks boards you should replace them and then stain and oil these new boards. It may take some time for the color of these new boards to match the older ones but it will happen over time. This is the beauty of hardwood decking.    

Having your timber deck stay in the best condition for its entire life requires attention and consistent maintenance. You should adopt a schedule and check on it constantly to make sure that it has not sustained any damage. The payoff is a beautiful outdoor relation and entertainment area that your entire family will enjoy.

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