Child Friendly Furniture Guide

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Shopping for home or office furniture should be considered a “major purchase”, because these items make your homes more livable and stylish. If you’re searching for cheap furniture Los Angeles however, there are a number of factors to consider when shopping for furniture. If you have kids at home, the furniture items you buy should not just be ergonomic and stylish, but safe to use as well. And by making your office or home furniture child-friendly, you minimize the risks of an accident or serious injury to your kids. Here’s a great child-friendly furniture guide to follow.

Go For Chairs and Couches that are Well-Padded

 Chairs and couches that are adequately-padded with rugged upholstery, and tables that have round, smooth edges lessen the risk of your child, or children figuring in accidents and the two can coexist with minimal risk. Also choose easy-care upholstery fabrics, with patterns and colors that conceal, and not advertise stains or blots.

Attach Edge Protectors on Chairs and Tables

 If you’re still using tables or chairs that have sharp edges at home, especially those that are made from glass or marble, these could injure stumbling toddlers or kids. Try attaching edge protectors and corner guards to these.

Get Desk or Drawers equipped with Locks

If you don’t want your child to quickly get a hold of scissors, staples, pencils, pens and other office supplies that may hurt them, you need to buy child-proof locking desks. Some office or computer desks also have an area to lock your printer.

Use Free-standing Bookshelves

Free-standing bookshelves offer improved stability. But if you already got unsteady bookshelves at home, then you could have them anchored with screws to wall studs. Bookshelves that have cabinet doors at the bottom also make harder for kids to climb, and they also provide a good area for storing small items and gadgets out of the sight of kids.

Check If All Tabletops Are Securely Anchored

To make your home or office furniture fully child-friendly, ensure that all tabletops are securely anchored or fastened to their bases. A draping tablecloth can also be an invitation to a mishap, because a child can quickly grab the cloth for support, or out of curiosity. Thus, make sure these are not hanging.

Place Expensive Electronic Equipment out Of Your Child’s Reach

To make sure you flat-screen TV’s, stereo and other electronic gadgets are safely out of reach, place them in cabinets, or against the wall, but put some allowance for air to circulate on all sides, as well as on top, to prevent overheating.

Install Ceiling-Mounted Lamps

Free-standing lamps can easily be pulled-over by kids. Thus, go for ceiling-mounted lamps, and use a two-inch wide clear-packing tape for securing all cords along the baseboards or floor. Also make sure never to leave a lighting fixture without a bulb in its socket, as well as reduce the wattage of lamps that have hot and bare bulbs.

Child Friendly Furniture

By following these simple, easy-to-follow child-friendly furniture guidelines, your child (as well as everyone at home) will be safe from life-threatening injuries and accidents.

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