Contemporary Spaces Don’t Have to be Cold

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If the idea of “contemporary design” makes you think of stark, white rooms that don’t seem suited for daily life, it’s time to rethink that concept. Today’s interior design trends have embraced contemporary looks but translated them into a more livable format that can look comfy and fitting for families. Here’s a look at some of the key ways to bridge “warm” with “modern.”

The Basics

Contemporary interiors are going through an evolution, but there are still some traits that remain fundamental to the design approach. You will most likely find lighter colors and lots of texture. But this doesn’t mean you have to use a bunch of uncomfortable-looking sofas and clear plastic chairs. There are plenty of ways to make the cool metallic and clean lines of contemporary design work in your home.
Line it Up

The hallmarks of modern design are clean lines. You’ll usually find lots of geometrics and sharp angles in contemporary spaces. This still is the case, but consider a few tweaks. For example, you may choose a sofa that has lots of straight edges but also features deep, comfortable cushions. A clear glass coffee table could have a matte, etched design on top that follows a flowing vine-like pattern. Choose furniture that has exposed legs and no fringes, and then add a throw pillow that features a bright red geometric pattern.

Color Palette

Black and white is the trademark colors for modern interiors, but it’s all right to warm it up, too. Instead of all white, think about a warm ivory or a monochromatic color scheme that is based on a similar neutral. Rather than a lot of black objects, perhaps you could go with a slate grey or navy blue. Contemporary rooms usually aren’t filled with color, but you don’t have to be restricted to just black and white, either.

Contemporary Spaces

Metallic Objects

Contemporary rooms generally feature a lot of shiny materials such as glass, mirrors, and metals. In some instances, you might find very high gloss wood elements as well. But you can deviate from the cold look of chrome to incorporate gold or bronze instead, just make sure the choice is deliberate and not an afterthought. Think about donning some of your cabinetry with a gold face or decorating a sofa console table with an abstract bronze sculpture.

Finding a place for contemporary design in your home may not be as challenging as you think. With these ideas for variations in mind, you can do some exploring to find ways modern lines, layouts, and designs can function in your spaces while still allowing for comfortable living.

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