Creating A Fresh Look For Spring

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During the harsh winter days it may be hard to imagine the warmth of spring that is right around the corner. The temperatures may keep us from completing projects outside. However, this does not mean the to-do list needs to sit untouched for a few months. Rather, it is the perfect time to complete indoor projects. Some of these projects may be as simple as cleaning out a closet or reorganizing a large collection. Other projects may be more involved and include finishing a renovation project that was put on hold during the warm months of the previous year. If you are looking for a way to spruce up your home and don’t mind getting a little messy in the process you’ll find some great winter time projects below:

Creating A Fresh Look For Spring


Adding a fresh coat of paint to anything can help bring it back to life. Paint or stain allows the user to customize the project in question to exactly what they want. You will want your home at a comfortable temperature before undertaking this project as it will help the paint dry quicker. This is also a good time of year to maybe perfect the faux finish you have always wanted to use to add texture to your wall. Once you pick out the color(s) for the location, do not forget your other supplies such as painter’s tape, caulk, stirring sticks and any other tools you may need. If there are other people in the home who may be sensitive to the fumes because of health conditions, it may be wise to send them out of the home for a few days. You can also look into purchasing paints that do not emit as much fumes. For more information on painting and some of the techniques you can use check this out.

New Window Treatments

This may also seem like a simple project, and it is. Unlike painting or installing new floors there is not much preparation work that needs to be done prior to this project. There are quite a few styles and colors of window treatments available today, including wood blinds. The use of blinds is especially prevalent in the south and can really reflect the style a homeowner is trying to achieve.

New Flooring

Winter is also a good time of year to change out that flooring you’ve been putting off. Thanks to the availability of engineered products, the choices of types and colors are almost endless. New floors can add the finishing touch to the look you’ve been dreaming of.

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