Discover The Many Benefits of Working with Dryer Vent Cleaners

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Drying laundry is a regular chore and a significant part of your life. Due to frequent use, the dryer filter may collect a lot of lint and require you to do routine cleaning. However, it’s better to hire professional dryer vent cleaners by searching for “dryer repair near me“. Here’s why:

The Benefits

Reduced risk of fires – The lint in your dryer is obviously very dry and hence a highly flammable material. If it does catch on fire, it can burn your home down and put your family at risk apart from incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. According to the data from the fire departments, there are more than 15,000 fires caused every year due to washing machines and dryers. To reduce that risk, you need to have your dryer cleaned properly. 

A professional dryer vent cleaner will clean all the buildup along with lint from your dryer vents. Moreover, they have the training and proper gear to do the job without creating any static or sparks. A spark is deadly when you clean dryer vents since it can quickly light a fire and cause irreparable damage. That’s why you should leave this dangerous task to the pros.

Save on your energy bill – As dust and debris are accumulated in dryer vents over time there’s less room for exhausting air to travel. Similar to what happens when you block the refrigerator vents, the dryer has to work harder to function properly and will draw more power from the socket. Due to this inefficiency in performance, you end up paying more for energy and get a spikes bill at the end of the month. 

That’s why you should hire the services of a professional dryer vent cleaner so that the appliance can operate optimally. When the vents are clear, air will flow freely and there would be no extra strain or power draw. The services of a dryer cleaner are far cheaper compared to the extra amount you may pay for energy every year.

Faster drying – As mentioned before, lint accumulation and buildup on the dryer vent strains the dryer and reduces its performance. The appliance would still function. But it will consume more power and will take longer to dry your clothes. In worst cases, your clothes, bedsheets, and linen will remain damp after a full drying cycle. 

That means you need to keep a close watch on the dryer and every time the clothes or sheets come out, you need to assess their dryness and quickly rerun the drying cycle if they are damp. Otherwise, you risk developing a bad odor and creases on the fabric. Getting the dryer vents cleaned solves that problem and helps you save time instead of monitoring the dryer for hours.

Reduce wear and tear – Dirty dryer vents lead to bad performance. That has been already established several times. However, the consequences run deeper. When your dryer is strained and works harder than it needs to, it goes through severe wear and tear. That brings down the lifespan of the dryer and also increases repair frequency and bills. So, you should get the vents cleaned at least once a year to maintain performance and eliminate underlying problems. If you have more than four people living in your home, you may want to call the dryer vent cleaners every 6 or 9 months.

Maintain the appearance of your clothes – A dryer is a power-hungry appliance since it creates a lot of heat to dry your clothes quickly. However, when clothes or any fabric is put inside the dryer it loses a small fraction of its quality on every drying cycle. The intense heat causes small damage to the fibers and over time they get stretched or worn out. While you don’t have a way of preventing this damage, you can slow it down. Cleaning your vents regularly helps to minimize fabric damage. A dryer with clean vents works optimally and takes less time to dry your clothes. Hence, fabrics don’t need to be exposed to heat for longer durations. Keeping your dryer vents cleaned can help you keep your clothes looking awesome for a longer time. 

Fewer allergens – The lint and dirt in dryer vents are exceptionally dry. So they can easily trap moisture from wet clothes. Water in a dark and dirty location is the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of allergens. Mold and other types of airborne allergens are easily formed in your vents. These allergens then spread to other parts of your home and cause allergic reactions like cough, rash, sneezing, and more such symptoms. That’s why you should keep your dryer vents clean to protect you and your family from getting sick.

Gas poisoning – If you have an old gas dryer instead of one that runs off electricity, you are more in danger due to clogged and dirty dryer vents. Gas dryers create numerous polluting compounds and carbon monoxide is one of them. This deadly gas is supposed to be disposed of by the dryer vents. A clogged dryer vent prevents that. When carbon monoxide can’t escape through the vents, it can go back to the dryer and eventually end up in your home. 

If the doors and windows are closed, the deadly gas builds up and puts everyone in your home at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. When you breathe in carbon monoxide it builds up in your bloodstream and reduces your blood’s capacity to carry oxygen to different organs. It can cause heart problems, brain damage, and in severe cases death. Moreover, the gas is completely colorless and odorless. So, you won’t even realize you’re breathing it in unless you start noticing symptoms like breathlessness, dizziness, weakness, or blurred vision. That’s why it’s very important to keep the dryer vents clean. 


Now that you’re aware of the various benefits of working with dryer vent cleaners you may consider hiring professional help. You can do that by searching for “dryer repair near me”.

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