Do You Need Your Drains Cleared

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Whether you have a septic system or a municipal plumbing system, from time to time it can become blocked. These blockages happen for several different reasons. For one, foreign objects can enter your drainage system if someone flushes something they shouldn’t have. In other cases, roots that grow underground can actually damage your drainage system. In a septic system, the drainfield can sometimes become clogged. There are many different ways that a professional drain clearance team can clear your drains.

Drain Jetting

If drain clearance specialists know what has caused the clog, they can very quickly attempt to clear it by jetting water through the drain. The high pressure of the jetted water is often enough to force the source of the clog out of the pipes. Drain jetting does not always work, however, depending on the nature of the clog. If you don’t know what’s clogging your drain or why it’s clogged, the process is a little bit more difficult. Specialists in drain clearance in Bristol will often use a camera to determine the source of the clog in such cases.

Drain Camera

A drain camera is a long, flexible camera that can be inserted into a drain. It will snake through the drain until they find the source of the problem. Once you have figured out the problem, they can sometimes snake it. Snaking the drain involves using a long flexible tool to reach into the pipe and grab the offending clog. If that doesn’t work, the most drastic tool involves cutting into the pipe.

Cutting into a pipe is usually the last resort because it involves digging up part of your backyard and removing a section of pipe. In some cases, it can be necessary. Ideally, the trench will be very small and will be quickly patched. A drain specialist will be able to give you the best possible advice on how to deal with your drain clog.


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