Eco-friendly homes to transform the face of real estate market in India

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Keeping the environment safe is one the prime need these days. Eco-friendliness is increasing these days. This has compelled many realtors to move towards sustainable housing options. Recently, more than 550 projects were declared eco-friendly under Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA).

Constructing eco-friendly homes is much in trend these days. This is because central Government has given support to developers for sustainable development. Many amendments such as free of cost extra Floor Area Ratio (FAR), rebates in taxes of property in Lucknow and others areas. This has been initiated by many local as well as municipal authorities to help such development.

Eco-friendly homes

Green homes in India are much in demand

The concept of Green Home is not clear and famous everywhere. Even then the consumers are opting for such houses as they have become more and more conscious about safety of environment. Such homes are very beneficial for the owners as they will be able to save much on electricity and water bills. Government is encouraging the masses to buy such homes by offering them benefits like cheaper home loans and lowered taxes. This has attracted many end users to buy eco-friendly homes and thus save the environment from further danger.

People who are new to this concept might think that these homes are costlier. But the fact is if you start planning for such homes in its initial construction stage, then you won’t have to pay extra bucks. If you try to incorporate changes once it is ready, then obviously you will have to pay added cost implications.

A few steps to go the eco-friendly way

  1. Plugging the appliances into power strips will help to save electricity as when you plug the strip off, it will prevent them from allowing power in it.
  2. When you are not using you system then remember to save your data and keep it “sleep” or “hibernate” mode. This will save you from restarting your system again and will also save its battery.
  3. Normal light tubes consume more electricity than CFLs and bulbs. Try using CFL and LED lights so as to cut down on your electricity bill and thus save power. Don’t keep the light on when you are not using that room for any purpose.
  4. CFLs are easily available in markets. They come in various shapes and sizes. You can buy according to your convenience. Although they are costly, they work ten times more than normal bulbs.
  5. If you want to light up your home for certain functions, then you can use CFLs of different sizes. One problem is this light cannot be dimmed. So you will have to keep it under some cover to dim it according to your convenience. Take care while disposing as they contain dangerous amount of mercury.
  6. Many people prefer LEDs over CFLs. LEDs emit directional lights which focuses on a particular direction. There are some other varieties of light while throw energy in all directions.

During day time, it is better to open windows and curtains rather than switching on the lights. They can help you to reduce power charges and you will be able to enjoy natural light and air. Thus, try to save the environment as much as you can.

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