Energy saving tips that make a difference

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With energy bills climbing to their highest levels, it has got to the point where everyone is looking into how they can save money on household outgoings. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do when it comes to shaving pennies off energy bills, all it takes is a little effort, varying degrees of expense (that you’ll earn back through savings long term) and a small amount of DIY know-how.

Turn down to save more

Let’s start off with the easy steps you can take to reduce spending on energy. Did you know that by reducing the temperature on the central heating thermostat by one degree you can save up to £65 over a year? Lowering temperature by such a small amount will be physically undetectable by you, but you should notice the savings in your bank account. For each degree less you can save this amount, so turn it down as much as you dare.

Say goodbye to standby

When you look around your house do you see lots of little red, green and blue lights silently glowing on standby? Stop leaving appliances and gadgets on standby and over the course of a year significant savings can be made. It’s true that some satellite and TV recorders will need to be left on standby to record programmes, but if you study the manuals of many household gadgets you’ll discover they can be switched off completely when not in use without any problem. So many people tend to leave laptops, tablets and mobile phones on charge indefinitely when it really isn’t necessary – unplug when they are fully charged. Window sealants are a way of saving energy.

Window sealants are a way of saving energy

Insulate to accumulate

Keep out winter draughts by making sure all windows and doors are well insulated and preferably double glazed. Using special sealants and insulating tapes to banish cold air will really make a difference to the comfort of a room. If old window frames are rotten they will let in the elements and it is often better to consider replacement windows in these circumstances. Replacing windows needn’t be too expensive, especially if you can fit them yourself using specialist window sealants and tools. Other tips to consider for keeping the winter cold out include heavy drapes or curtains at the windows, a well-insulated loft space, chimney balloons for prevention of heat loss up unused flues and insulation between floorboards and at skirting board level.

Get the timing right

Lots of people use energy tariffs that mean cheaper power is available for use at off peak times such as the middle of the night. Bearing this in mind, it makes sense to use high-usage appliances at night such as washing machines, tumble driers and dishwashers. Another energy hungry gadget that we use frequently is the kettle. When boiling water for a beverage, make sure you only boil the amount of water that is required – if you only need one cup of tea, don’t boil a whole kettle full of water – that is just like pouring money straight down the drain. Another tip to help save money is to make sure that all your appliances are working efficiently. For example, if you live in a hard water region it is likely that kettles, steam irons, washing machines dish washers etc. will become affected by a build-up of lime-scale. When the workings of a gadget become encrusted with lime scale it severely impacts on their energy efficiency, meaning they have to work much harder and use much more power to do the same job.

Change the lights

A quick and easy way to save money on energy at home is to swap over all the light bulbs from halogen spots to the LED versions. Much more energy efficient, LED bulbs give an equivalent light show but pull much less energy. Switching off lights when you leave a room is a habit that everyone, including children, should develop.

Changing the lights saves energy.

Changing the lights saves energy.

Saving energy not only puts more money in your pocket, it is good for the planet as well, so it’s really a bit of a no-brainer. By taking some of these easy steps to saving energy you’ll be doing your bit not just for yourself, but for mother earth too….

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