Facilities Management- A case study to Boiler System Design

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Case Study


There was a special requirement from a large food manufacturing company that required 1,40,000 lb/h of saturated steam. In the mentioned case, the saturated steam at 90 psig was at 331 F and the 175 psig was at 377 F. But the full operation of the special requirement was that to have the full boiler capacity to hold 90 psig of saturated steam. The lower quantities of steam to have 175 psig of steam for daily usage plus 90 psig of steam for building heat requirement. The design required was to include a new condensate collection system, makeup water treatment system, deaerator and feedwater pumps. Though the plant space was big enough for the entire special requirement but the main concern was with the plant’s ceiling height.

Facilities Management


Any given designer will come up with a solution of installing two (2) or three (3) fully modulating boilers producing steam at 175 psig with a pressure reducing station that reduced pressure to 90 psig for the building heat system. The idea is so bad that the system has to produce steam at 175 psig and then to reduce the pressure to 90 psig in-order to meet the actual need of the building.


The system finally built was designed with ten (10) modular boilers with each producing 14,000 lb/h of steam. Three (3) of the boilers were made to produce 175 psig of steam and the remaining produced 90 psig steam. The modular boiler boils at either high or low mode and is being sequenced with a boiler controlled system to monitor both the 175 psig and 90 psig steam output. First the three (3) higher pressure boilers run producing all the required 175 psig of steam. Any excess steam is then let down in producing the 90 psig of steam out of the seven (7) boilers. The high pressure boilers runs at high fire with one modulating between the high and the low fire to maintain the header pressure are the required setting.


The system has been designed perfectly and has been placed without any issues. System optimization has been done and the efficiency of the system has been achieved till 85%. The system has been duly approved by the manufacturer and is a definite example of excellence keeping the constraint in mind.


E-M-Services provide boiler services with a-par excellence. The company is having 100 years of combined experience in facilities management and environmental maintenance services. Some of the company’s certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2000 certified
  • Safe contractor approved
  • Part electrical safety provider
  • Registered member of ECA
  • Accredited contractor of CHAS
  • Registered to Gas safe
  • Registered to Building & engineering services association (B&ES)

One mustn’t think of whether to hire E-M-Services or not. The case study is an example to showcase one of the many ways that a service provider of 100 years of experience can deliver in a complex situation. It is only that an experienced service provider like E-M-Services can guarantee you with a service quality like the case study given above.

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