Features of the Cantilevered Stairs That Can Beautify Your Home

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The design and build of a staircase, either in a home or in a commercial establishment has a huge impact on the overall look. The right staircase look can enhance the décor, if done improperly, it can ruin the look and give it a claustrophobic and uneasy look. Cantilevered stairs are made according to the latest contemporary designs, with twists, treacled finish and with several angular dimensions which reflect precise engineering and the superior use of ergonomics. These cantilevered stairs can have side rails and balustrades, or else, they can also be constructed with plain glass, having no support.

The general features of cantilevered stairs:

The design of the staircase plays a vital role here as it has to be in keeping with the space and the plan of the building in general. With an emphasis on straight lines and the minimalistic looks, the cantilevered stairs is among the most popular in the range of contemporary staircases.

  • While giving a minimalistic looks, the cantilever stairs can be crafted with a range of materials like wood, timber planks, glass and they can even be embedded in concrete.
  • The cantilever stairs can also be fixed or hidden behind the wall surface, according to the customized designs and templates, which are used for domestic and commercial use.
  • The cantilever can be created in different ways, by preparing anchored pockets in the wall before the casting is done in the case of a concrete wall or with steel strings and foot plates fitted in the wall and supported on the floor.

Increasing popularity of the cantilever

The popularity of the cantilever has mounted and is ever on the rise due to the unique staircase look that it imparts as all of its support system are invisible behind the wall. There can be many varieties ranging from Europa Conical, cantilever concrete and acrylic staircases, python and serpentine shaped and commercial staircases which reflect a more sophisticated and official look.

  • The benefit of the cantilevers is that it allows the easy flow of light within the interiors give the interiors an airy and light look. This kind of look though contemporary can be effectively combined with any classical décor too by the use of the right kind of materials.
  • The shapes of the treads of the cantilever though are usually left angular in keeping with the contemporary straight line design.

Stylish and airy

Just because it is aimed to give a minimalistic look to the décor, it does not mean that the cantilevers cannot be used to give some stunning effect. Since the main purpose is to give the illusion of floating stairs, the use of glass treads can enhance this look further. This kind of stairs is ideal for commercial establishments that makes play of colored lights. Even a wooden or concrete cantilevered flight can have the stunning effects with embedded LED giving an awesome illusion of colorful and floating stairs. Modern technology has come to the help of the cantilevers that are now being used also for the helical stairs in the conical shapes.

The technical support

In case you wish to install cantilevered stairs into your homes, you cannot avoid involving a structural engineer. The structural calculations are important for any staircase, but more so for cantilevers, as it involves the supporting wall and other metal support systems. The cost of making or installing the cantilevered stair is largely variable depending on the material and the size involved. If there are more intricacies, then the price can shoot up, and you can consult with different online staircase companies and compare their prices to get a better and a perfect look for your home or commercial indoor. Go through this link and know more features about cantilevered stairs.

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