Five Ways to Make Doing the Laundry More Enjoyable

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Few people would list laundry among their list of top ten things to do. If you find yourself putting off doing the laundry until you reach the point where you only have one shirt left to wear, check out these simple ideas that will motivate you and make doing the laundry more interesting.

Five Ways to Make Doing the Laundry More Enjoyable

  1. 1.    Decorate your laundry hamper

You’ll find it hard to motivate yourself to do your laundry if you have to run around the house picking up discarded clothing from several different rooms. Invest in a sleek and stylish laundry basket and decorate it to match your home. You’ll find it far easier to stay motivated when your laundry accessories put a smile on your face.

  1. 2.    Turn laundry into a game

Get your children involved in the laundry process by turning it into a game. If you have two hampers (one for coloured clothing and one for whites, for example), have your children practise their throwing skills whilst they sort their own clothes.

Use laundry time to talk to your children. Whilst they’re folding clothes, or even just handing you the next thing to iron, you can talk to them about what they did at school and plan what you’re going to do during the next holiday. Kids hate chores, but they do like being listened to.


  1. 3.    Multitask

Load the washing machine whilst you’re waiting for the oven to heat up or waiting for the microwave to finish. Take advantage of the downtime whilst you’re unloading the washing machine and sorting clothes too. Listen to a podcast or stream an episode of your favourite TV series to your iPad. If you make this entertainment downtime a part of your weekly laundry ritual, you’ll soon find yourself looking forward to it.

  1. 4.    Save time on ironing by using a steamer

If ironing bores you to tears, invest in a steamer instead. Steaming is usually quicker than ironing and it gets out stubborn creases more effectively too. You will soon have your colleagues and friends begging to hear your laundry secrets.

You can reduce the overall amount of ironing required by taking care of your clothes properly. Don’t keep clothes in the dryer too long. Take them out of the dryer whilst they’re slightly damp and hang them up for a while to let them air dry; they should end up crease-free.

  1. 5.    Stop worrying about socks

It seems that every household has a “sock monster”. This mystical gremlin steals one of each sock, leaving you with a huge collection of mis-matched socks that simply can’t be worn together. If you find yourself spending more time hunting for pairs of socks than you do on any other part of doing laundry, it’s okay to admit defeat! Throw out all of those old socks and buy bumper packs of plain socks, all bearing the same branding. This will eliminate sock matching troubles forever.


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