Frequently Asked Questions about Storage Facilities

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If you are moving home or office, or if you need some additional space, you may want to consider using DC storage facilities. Self-storage in particular is becoming increasingly popular. However, before you opt for this type of storage, you may have a number of questions. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about self-storage.

1 – Who Rents Storage Facilities?

  1. Homeowners on an extended vacation.
  2. People who are on short term business assignments.
  3. Business owners with limited space.
  4. People who are refurbishing their homes.
  5. People who are downsizing.

2 – What Can I Keep in Self-Storage?

While some DC storage facilities will have some limitations on what you can and can’t keep in your facility, these rules are usually quite simple. You may, for instance, not be allowed to store chemicals. However, other than that, you can keep anything in these facilities, from something as small as a stamp collection to as large as all of the furniture in your home.

3 – Is Self-Storage Safe?

Self-storage is as safe as it possibly can be. Nothing on this planet can 100% guarantee that someone will not be able to gain access. However, you can check what sort of security facilities your storage offers. This could be something as small as a padlock to something as large as 24 hour security on site. The level of security you need will also for a large part depend on how valuable your belongings are. Do also look into insurance – if your storage facility is broken into or otherwise damaged, are you covered through your rental agreement? If not, you may want to take out insurance yourself.

4 – Is it Expensive?

There are hundreds of storage facilities in DC, and all of these have different fees and price structures. There are two main types of fee structures that you can expect:

  • A very cheap short term storage facility whereby the price goes up as you stay longer.
  • A rental agreement where the average cost per day drops the longer you rent it.

The difference between the two exists because, with the first, the intention is for people to only use the facility for a few days or weeks, whereas the other one hopes for long terms rentals. As such, before you start looking for your storage facility, you need to understand what your personal needs actually are.

Planning properly is vital to getting the most out of your storage facility. You need to have an idea of what you want to store in the facility so that you have sufficient space, but also so that you know whether or not you need to insure it. You must think about how long you want to keep your items in storage. Another thing to think about is whether or not you will need regular access to your facility, either to take more items in or to remove some. If so, you will need a facility that enables you to do this.

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