Garden Upgrade Level: Splendid

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If you happen to have a garden and only think of it as a place where plants grow and some tools rest, think again and keep on reading. The list of what a garden can be turned to with little effort is infinite, so even the smallest garden can serve several – and all equally great – purposes. Here are some of them for you to explore, apply, and enjoy.

Creativity exercise

By default, in any transformation you might think your garden may undergo there is a big element of creativity involved. Hence, look at your garden as first of all a brilliant outlet for your creativity – what a pleasant exercise this can turn into! Using old newly painted shoes as flower pots? Why not.  Planting some veggies in a broken vase placed in the ground? Sure. Putting a table together using glass bottles and some wire? Go for it. Making a mosaic path of broken tea cups? Definitely. Planting some flowers in an old tire? Certainly. Turning your garden into a personalized space is not only a destination, but a journey itself: do not be afraid to stick your hands into the dirt to clear up your head.

Peaceful refuge

In addition to unleashing your creativity as benefit in itself, you can transform your garden – or a part of your garden – into a true refuge for you to enjoy that book you have always wanted to read or a painting you have been meaning to spend some time with. Invest in a strong hammock or knit one yourself, place an easel in the shade, take that second-hand armchair from the street and bring that foot massage bath out, pave a special zone with colourful stones for your yoga matt, and reenergize yourself in ways you truly enjoy. If anything, make some space for yourself to lay down and get a healthy tan.

Party zone

If a peaceful refuge is too peaceful, or if you have more space in your garden, you can easily make sure it has everything for a crazy party with your friends. Just add a BBQ grill, some more old furniture to accommodate your guests, use the same hammocks you already have, hang some lanterns made of painted glass jars around, get a hand-painted bucket of ice cubes for your drinks and enjoy the party atmosphere. Also, if you want to give your garden an even more bohemian and cosier look, try this: find an old bathtub, paint it in whatever way you want, cut it in half, throw some decorative pillows on top and you will have two crazy-looking armchairs. Now, all you need is your friends!

Garden Upgrade Level Splendid

Let the summer begin!

It is definitely worth putting in some time and effort to create a garden that accommodates not only your stomach, but also your creative, mental, physical, spiritual, and social needs. Books, coffee, naps, yoga, friends – everything seems to be more enjoyable when it is outdoors. Hence, use your garden to the fullest and start living to the fullest, too!

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