Gardening and Planting Tips

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One day you likely feel you would do well to get some planting done in your garden area, but that will take a good bit of work to get done. You need to know quite a few things before you can call your gardening complete, so you need to work on them ahead of time, especially when transplanting new plants around your garden:

Gardening and Planting Tips

  • Transplantation

When you need to use a new plant bed and you have seedlings, you will want to be really careful with them so they will not get hurt when you transplant them. You need to know how to properly pick up a seedling the right way, which is to never grab them by the stem. You can instead carefully pick them up by the leaves, preferably digging around them without damaging them in the process, so you can free them of the soil.

  • Hardening seedlings

You can make sure your seedlings get stronger by exposing them to wind and sunlight as well as new temperatures as you go on, different from those inside your home or greenhouse. This will take some time, so be patient and allow your seedlings to adapt to the new situation.

  • Time to plant your seedlings

The best time around to do this is when the weather is fairly overcast, especially when rain is coming and you have no heat waves and other situations coming your way. If you don’t have weather like that, then you will need to do your work early in the morning when it is still cool enough to work without worry. Water your plants before you place them in the ground, and then make sure you have the soil as moist as you need it to be without going too far.

  • Post-planting procedures

You will need to keep your seedlings safe and in a relatively shaded place until you have the chance to plant them freely. Never pull the plants out unless absolutely necessary, as this will make things really hard to deal with in the long run. If you think you can and you must, pull out the seedlings out of your pot carefully and by the leaves without damaging them. If there are any damaged roots, you will need to make sure you work on them by snipping them. If you have roots that worked together and turned into a single mass that simply cannot be removed easily, then you will need to pull them away working from the center. Once you do that you will have a chance to replant them into a new location. You need to plant the seedlings at about the same depth as the usual one you have been using in your pot, but a bit deeper to allow them to grow more efficiently. You also need to ensure you press the soil around the seedlings carefully, so they can stay upright safely. Once you do that you will have completed all you needed with your gardening service.

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