Gardening In The Shade

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Not all gardens and outdoor areas are touched by the sun throughout the year, or even throughout the day. While a shaded garden can seem foreboding and even a little depressing, if you choose the right furniture, the right accessories, and the right plants and other items, then you can create a compelling and appealing garden design that you will be able to enjoy even when the sun doesn’t hit the garden. Work with the light you do have, implement sensible design ideas, and plant plants that thrive in the shade.

Gardens that suffer from excessive shade are usually those that are relatively small and surrounded by tall buildings. These factors, combined with the low levels of light mean that many items placed in this type of garden will simply appear smaller. The key to placing items in the garden for the sake of design is to be bold, and certainly don’t be afraid of utilising height to your advantage. If your garden is small, then using height can give the appearance of the garden being larger than it really is.

Consider using a mirror, firmly attached to the garage wall or the wall of your home. Mirrors reflect light, while also reflecting the image of the garden itself. This means that the garden will appear larger, and it also means that the mirror could introduce natural light to areas that would not ordinarily receive it. Don’t get carried away, however, by adding mirrors on every surface, and soften the edges of the mirror by planting around it or using climbing plants to cover the edges a little more.

Gardening In The Shade

Look at the existing boundaries that you have. Paint walls or cover fences; alternatively, use them as areas to hang or train plants and to utilise other design items to help further improve the look of your garden. Covering an aging fence with trellis not only covers the ugly fence, but it means that you can train ivy to grow over the area, therefore giving an extra element to your garden design.

Don’t be afraid of keeping trees that are already in place, and remember that it could have taken 100 years or more for that tree you’re considering digging up to grow to its mature state. You can always plant bulbs that thrive on summer shade, add a bench built around a strong trunk, and use the tree to enjoy privacy that can be difficult to achieve in those gardens that are limited for space.

Use colour in any area of the garden you want. Paint walls in pinks, use blue and purple plants, or go all out with vibrant red and orange plants. White flowers and plants with a silver foliage can also perform well in shaded areas. In fact, these colours tend to become damaged by direct and bright sunlight so you may find that they flourish in the more shaded area of your garden, but don’t get too carried away by planting all white flowers because this can look washed out.

Garden Club London can create an appealing and beautiful design for gardens that are limited in space and that do not receive a large amount of sun at any time of year. Enjoy your outdoor living space, no matter what its dimensions.

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