Get Rid of Pet Odours with a Thorough Carpet Cleaning

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It can be challenging to keep you home clean when you have kids and pets. It may seem like a new mess happens as soon as you finish cleaning up the house. Dogs are a part of the family and often spend most of their time snuggling on your carpets and couches. Over time, you may notice a pet smell in your home. Regular maintenance of your floors can help lessen this.

Prepare Your Home

When you are ready to have a carpet cleaning, you need to prepare the area. If you are only having the main living areas done, you can move the furniture into the bedrooms. If the entire home is going to be done, you may need to get creative. Try moving things into the garage, kitchen, and bathrooms. Trusted carpet cleaners in London can have your home smelling fresh again in a few hours. You may also need to decide what to do with your kids and pets.

  • Board the dogs for the day
  • Send kids and dogs to a friend’s house
  • Go for a long walk or visit with a neighbour while carpets are cleaned

Keeping it Clean

Carpets need to be deep cleaned on occasion. A professional service may use a shampoo solution or steam. In between cleanings you can keep your floors clean by taking your shoes off before you enter the home and vacuuming with a quality vacuum cleaner. Many modern vacuums have HEPA allergen filters to help keep your family healthy.

A good carpet cleaning can help remove the pet odours from your home. Your family would not be complete without your loving dog. You do not, however, have to sacrifice a clean house to own a pet. There are some viable options for keeping your home fresh with pets.



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