Get Your Next Load of Laundry Right

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Everyone has to do laundry, which is why it’s strange how many people can never seem to get it right. There are a lot of reasons why it takes time to get into the grove of laundry, but once you’ve figured it out, you might actually enjoy the process. Some people even think doing laundry can be relaxing, especially if you go to any bloomfield laundromat and spend time with your headphones on and your favorite playlist. The key is to do what’s necessary to get the best results so that all of your clothes, linens and towels look and smell great.

One challenge is figuring out what temperature to use. While there are theories that have been followed for many years, you should always read the labels on your laundry because you don’t want to make any assumptions. The right temperature water can really matter when you’re dealing with fabrics that are delicate and clothing that might have a lot of dye. That’s because it’s easy for dyed clothing to bleed onto everything else, which can feel like a nightmare. Generally speaking, when you’re washing dyed and delicate clothes, you’ll probably want to choose cold water.

Cold water is not always the best option, although some people choose it when doing laundry at home because it can lower the energy bill. Usually you’ll need hot water when you’re washing white clothes. This is easy to figure out because when you don’t use hot water, it’s much harder to get things clean. You also want to use hot water when you’re washing clothes that have stains or are otherwise heavily soiled. Sometimes warm water is the best choice. For instance, when you have delicate clothes that are soiled, warm water is probably the best choice.

Perhaps the biggest challenge is choosing the right detergent since there are so many different options. It’s not just detergent, it’s also bleaches and fabric softener. When there are so many warnings in the media about chemicals, how will you know what to choose. To some degree, this will depend on your preference and how you wash clothes. Some people don’t like to use powder laundry because it takes time to dissolve and doesn’t always dissolve thoroughly if you’re using cold water. This is actually why most people choose liquid detergent, even though it’s more expensive. Quite frankly, powder detergent is fine as long as you don’t use too much and allow it to wash long enough to dissolve.

When trying to select a brand, you’ll need to decide if you want to choose products that are more organic to avoid any skin irritation or products that provide a deeper clean. This can be a matter of trial and error since there are many effective products on the market. As long as you avoid anything that results in skin irritation, you should be fine. If you are especially concerned about harsh chemicals, you can research the brand of your choice to ease your mind.

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