Handy Maintenance Tips for your Polished Concrete: Points which can Make your Concrete Floor Shine like New

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Concrete, the once humble building material that was often hidden underneath wood, tiles, and the like, is in vogue these days. There are different types of polished concrete, including the diamond polished concrete which is largely used for decorating the modern floors. Polished concrete gives a more durable, hygienic, designer and trendy look to your interior floors or to your garden paths and walkways. The shine and luster definitely attracts the attention of numerous guests.

How do you maintain a polished concrete floor?

  • Use a microfiber pad- Polished concrete has soil as one of its ingredients. Soil has a tendency to attract dust particles, which over time can ruin the shine of your floor. Use a microfiber pad regularly to get rid of these dust particles.
  • Use clean water and mop- When washing your polished concrete floor, make sure you use clean water and mop for the task. If you use corrosive detergents or acidic cleansers, they can damage your flooring, with scratches and stains.
  • Use a neutral floor cleaner- If you have used polished concrete in a commercial building, chances are it sees heavy footfall. In such cases, a neutral floor cleaner should be used from time to time to clean the floor. Plain water can often not get rid of all the stains and debris.
  • Be quick with stains- Stains and spills can seep into polished concrete, and thus harm your flooring. It is thus advised to quickly clean stains and spills as soon as you see them.

The use of floor burnishes and why to avoid floor-bleaching agents?

  • Leave the cleaner for a while- When you use a cleaner for concrete make sure you leave it on for a while. That way, the cleaner can get rid of all the grease and grime. However, it is important that you don’t let the cleaning agent dry up. If it is a big area that you need to clean, you can divide into sections. Apply the cleaner on one section, leave it for a while, and mop the floor and then move on to the next section. Apart from these, you can also do the following:
  • Avoid bleaches and acidic solutions- To ensure your polished concrete keeps looking beautiful, make sure you avoid acidic cleaning solutions. These can harm your floor. Avoid bleaches, ammonia, citrus cleaners and the likes.
  • Use a burnisher- If your polished concrete seems to be losing its shine, you can use a dry burnisher to get back the sheen. Typically, concrete floors should be polished every three years or so. However, You must be very careful about using plasticizers and vaporizers so that they do not affect the surface of the polished concrete.
  • Get it resealed- When you are installing your polished concrete floor, make sure it is sealed to guard against spills and stains. However, even with a sealer in place, your concrete floor will require resealing every couple of years or so. The flatness and the polished concrete structure of the floor must be sealed only with the help of quality and branded sealants as given by reputed companies.

Should you be using concrete floors?

While concrete in its various decorative forms is the latest trend in home renovations, you need to make sure it is right fit for you. Here are some properties of polished concrete that you should know of before you decide to get the floor installed.

  1. It is a good thermal conductor, so floor heating works really well
  2. It can crack easily if not installed properly
  3. It is a low maintenance material
  4. It has a lot less give than other materials. Thus, items dropped on concrete often break.
  5. It is a durable material that is affordable, compared to other flooring options such as tiles, and wood.

So now you can easily refurbish your home with varieties of polished concrete. Click here if you want to know more details about polished concrete.

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