Here Is Some Spring Landscaping Tips That Is Great For Las Vegas Landscape

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First off you will have to plant things that are very water-efficient and last for two-years and are called perennials. These will provide color explosion for spring. February you will have to consider these perennials. During the months of March and April the landscaping irrigation will be limited to about three assigned days during the week. Of course, with the restrictions on water this may also apply to the drip irrigation. Sunday will not be optional as a watering day. Here are some tips that will make your Las Vegas landscape pop with color and style:

Choose Some Plants That Will Survive the Desert

First you will have to find plants that do very well in Las Vegas landscape desert climate. Of course, the nurseries will have many different types of plants, you will have more success in the long term if you get the plants that don’t need that much water to grow and survive.

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Pick Some Plants For The Spring

Spring is one of the greatest time of the year for exploring what kinds of plants that will work the best in the yard. After you have picked out the plants that will survive in the desert climate, you will have to assess the functionality of those area or areas that you plan to plant. Ask yourself these two questions:

  1. How much of the sun, wind and shade will they get in that area?
  2. Will this be for shade, recreation, a border or is it an entry area or just for decoration?

Be sure to keep in your mind how big, when they are mature, these new plants grow when they mature. The reason for this is that you will have to avoid planting them too close together so they can grow right. You will have to plant these in groups that have similar watering needs so that you do not over or under water them.

Plant Recommendations

Try out some of these plants, trees and shrubs:

  • Cassia: This is a shrub that has a bright yellow type of bloom that appears in January to March. It also blooms sporadically during the rest of that year.
  • Valentine Bush: This has lots of tube like red flowers that begin to bloom early in February and will continue to March. They are ones that love the full on sun.
  • Rosemary: This is a great companion type of plant for the cassia plant. They bloom in the same time periods.

Of course, there are many, many more that you can pick from but listed is just a few that there are out there. If you want to know more find a site that best suits your needs and go from there. It is always best to plan ahead of time before you start your planting so that you know what you need and how it needs to be done.

Make Sure To Spring Forward

Remember to set the clock of the irrigation ahead an hour when it is the daylight savings time that is in March on the second Sunday of the month. It is also best to check the batteries of the clock as well.

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