Hiring Contractors: Keep Your Home Secure Until the Job is Done

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As a homeowner, you are inevitably going to get times when things in the house go wrong and you have to call in some outside help to get you out of a fix. This can often make you feel a little nervous, as you are inviting someone into your home who is often a complete stranger. Here is some advice on how to go about hiring a contractor who can be relied upon to not only get the job done but also help you feel at ease in your own home.

What to look for in a home contractor

If you do not know of someone with a particular trade or skill that you need to use then you could turn to some excellent online resources that check out contractors credentials and operate a rating system based on other peoples personal experiences. A professional home contractor will generally take pride in their appearance and want to create a good impression, so you would expect them to arrive in an appropriate uniform or attire and be driving a marked vehicle with their contact details on the side.


Most reputable contractors will not mind you asking questions about their previous experience and any work that they may have done in the neighborhood already. Quality assurance is an important criteria for hiring someone as it gives you an indication of the workmanship that you can expect and also helps to confirm that they are a trustworthy person with a reputation to protect.


Sometimes it is not always possible to get someone checked out as thoroughly as you would like to, especially if it is an emergency repair situation. Even if you find yourself in a situation where you need an urgent repair, you should still ensure that you follow some basic precautions when they turn up at your home. Make sure that the contractor has proper identification, any necessary permits and also any relevant insurance documents. If you are at all unsure, then trust your instincts and make a call to confirm the person checks out correctly.

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Set the ground rules

This is your home and anyone working on your property should respect your wishes and understand if you have to give certain instructions. Depending on the work, a contractor may need to come and go at your home so you should tell them if there is a specific entrance that you want them to use and if any parts off the house are off limits. You can also make their job easier by putting any valuables out of the way if they are working in a specific area where damage could be caused.

Good communication

It is important to maintain a good level of communication with the contractor as this will help you to feel a bit more comfortable if you can build up a rapport but it also reduces the prospect of any misunderstanding occurring. Make sure that you agree a schedule and price before any work commences and never make a full or final payment until the work has been completed and you are happy with the work.

A reliable and reputable contractor will almost certainly be pleased to work with you in order to get the job done to your satisfaction, especially when you consider that they should be trying to ensure that you become a repeat customer and will also give referrals to other people. Never be afraid to ask questions and set rules in your own home, provided they are workable, and you should get the job done on budget and by someone you can trust to do a good job.

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