How Are Raft Foundations Different From Piling Foundations

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There are several types of foundations that can be installed under a building. Each type of foundation has its own set of advantages that need to be considered.

There are two main types that are going to be used during this process:

1) Piling rods that are made of steel and are inserted into holes that are then filled with concrete for stability.

2) A flat raft foundation which the building is going to rest on can be installed by groundwork contractors in East London. The foundations are not supported by any pillars that are put into the earth.

What Are The Advantages Of The Raft Foundations?

1) There are several ways in which raft foundations are going to benefit the building. These are a common type of foundation which is going to be supplied by many different companies.

The Raft Foundations Are Going To Provide Stability

1) The raft foundations are going to provide a high degree of stability. The building would not be able to stand if it wasn’t for the foundations that have been put down.

2) Once the raft foundations have set then the building will be constructed on top.

The Raft Foundations Are Going To Stop Groundwater From Seeping Into The Building

1) Groundwater is not something that you will want to deal with at all. The raft foundations are going to successfully block the water from entering your building.

2) This is an important aspect of the foundations.

The Raft Foundations Are Going To Take The Weight Of Extra Storeys

1) Extra storeys can be added to a building when raft foundations have been put in place. This is especially useful when an office building in Canary Wharf needs to be extended and an extra storey needs to be put on top.

2) The foundations will be able to support all of the extra weight.

What Buildings Can This Type Of Foundation Support?

1) The raft foundation is going to be able to support a wide variety of different buildings. This could be an office building which will contain thousands of people at any one time.

2) Alternatively, it could be a small café building that is only going to house a few people at any one time.

3) It may be a sports stadium, which is going to need to support a large amount of weight because tens of thousands of people can be in the same place.


The raft foundation is going to through testing before it is determined that it is going to be suitable for people to inhabit the building. This is a crucial phase of the process. The testing and inspection phase is not going to take a large amount of time.

Complete Article Round-Up

Raft foundations are going to be extremely secure and they will be tested thoroughly before anyone uses the building. This method has been tried-and-tested many times before, so you will not have anything to worry about at all.

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