How Certain Paint Colours In The Home Can Affect Your Mood And Ambiance

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Decorating a home can entail much more than just changing the colours of the walls etc. Were you aware that certain paint colours trigger certain moods? For example, the colour yellow is often used to brighten and uplift peoples moods, whilst blue is used mostly in the bathroom to help you feel relaxed and soothed. Here I will give you a list of paint colours for your home, to help you choose how you would prefer to feel in each room! Rather than opting for the same old colours, try using this to make your property stress free!

The Hallway

White- The colour white will make the hallway appear much larger. However, it can also create a blank chilly canvas, this is why you need to add your own black furnishings to help add some character and warmth. Soft grey colours also help to bring up the temperature.

Green- The colour green is a very soft and refreshing tone, especially if you go for a more pale green. This colour is very easy on the eye and some people say that it can even improve your eyesight. If you want to greet your guests to your home with a friendly welcome then this colour is certainly for you.

Colourful- If you want to be a little more adventurous than you can opt for a multitude of colours. Being playful and daring is a way to show off your creativity and let your personality shine through. Bright pinks and oranges will all boost your morale and bring a fun loving feel to the entrance of your home.

 The Bathroom

Blue- This colour is calming and soothing and creates a relaxing ambience. Although this colour can have a serene effect, you should avoid blues that have warm undertones as this will make a room feel chilly.

Lilac- This colour will create a stress free sanctuary which makes it perfect for the bathroom. In order to stop the room from looking too feminine you need to add shades such as silver and black.

Aqua- Although this is a cool colour, the perfect combination of blue and green makes the bathroom look much larger than it actually is. The colour aqua will arouse the feeling of being near a tropical sea, this will in turn help you feel calm and relaxed whilst enjoying your bubbly bath.

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The Bedroom

Fuchsia- Hot pink can create the mood for passion, but on the other hand it can also create a restful and relaxing mood. The only downfall is that this colour can make a room appear much smaller than it is, due to it’s inability to reflect light.

Green- Of course the colour green has soothing and relaxing effects and makes you feel at one with nature. This colour is also associated with a gentle and warm feeling. The colour green can sometimes create too much of a laid back feeling. To avoid being complacent you should inject a vibrant red amongst the green.

Purple- The colour purple is ideal for bedrooms as it is associated with creativity, fertility and also joy. This colour is very feminine and romantic, which makes it perfect for a ladies boudoir.

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