How to Avoid the Loudest Properties

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When you are looking at new homes it can be hard to tell what actually living there will be like. Having amenities and transport links close by is beneficial if you need a pint of milk or to hop on a train to work, but there can be drawbacks too; noise for example. We’ve found the top noise pollution offenders you should steer clear of if you are looking for the quiet life.

They can be an ideal travel solution, but they can also be a menace to your ears if they are travelling past your house all day long. It is possible to live close to a train station without being too close to the actual rail line though, so keep this in mind when you are house hunting.
Pubs and clubs
From the most unsavoury looking sites, to a sweet little place up the road, all pubs and clubs can have their problems. It could vary from anti-social behaviour to a wedding party carrying on late into the night. It can seem convenient living a few doors down from your local, but it is best to think about the possible implications too.
Airports and planes
If you are a frequent flyer you may find it useful to live close to an airport, but if you only travel on planes on occasion you might want to look a little further afield than the flight path. If you are local to an airport, you could also check whether there are plans to make a new runway in the foreseeable future, as this could affect noise pollution in the area.
You can’t choose your neighbours, but you can get to know a neighbourhood before you move. Asking your prospective neighbours what they think of the area is also a good idea, as you will get to meet them beforehand. At this point you could also find out about any potential problems, such as a massive stereo system in a nearby basement.
Busy roads
Our last big noise offender is the main or busy road. When you are relaxing in your garden it can be unpleasant to hear the motorway or ‘A-road’ nearby; it hardly gives the impression of peace and tranquillity. Finding a property in a development, such as one by any house building company, can be effective if you want the immediate traffic to be slow and careful, and most importantly, quiet.
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