How to Get Houston, TX Container Deals?

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Before you make any move in getting a container, you will need to gather information about the types and the prices. The industry is growing constantly and it can be difficult to make a deal either for residential purposes or other purposes. There are many regulations that you need to follow so the transport can go smoothly. The price for Houston, TX to a certain location won’t only depend on the length of the transport.

You will need to have in mind the weight of the container and stuff you place inside. Some people decide to have aluminum over steel containers because of the weight and it is cheaper but it can get damaged easier. Everything will depend on what you are transporting. Before every purchase, you need to do inspect it for damages and to make sure everything will fit. Make a list with details you need to follow so it can be easier to get the job done.

Choosing the Type

The first thing is to choose which grade will work for your shipment. There are a few grades that will tell you something about the container. A large number of them are made in China and shipped in the US and they are called one-trip or new containers. They are used for making a home out of them. They are less damaged and are weather-resistant. Find more info here.

If it says that the container is cargo-worthy it means that they’ve been used a lot but are in okay condition and can be used again. They are wind and watertight so they can handle overseas transport. The lower quality containers are marked as wind and watertight which are not inspected enough to declare it as cargo-worthy. And the As-Is container is usually not meant for transport because of the damages or other issues.

Material and Size

They can be made out of many materials but most popular are steel and aluminum. Steel is much stronger so it is usually the main choice for overseas transport. It’s also much better if you want to live in one because steel is more durable. People buy aluminum type when they need temporary storage where they don’t care too much about the weather.

The size will matter if you care about saving money. The difference in width is small and the same goes for the height. The most variations are in the length which goes from 20 to 53 feet. The outside look can matter if there was a company that used it before you so some people decide to repaint it. When it comes to the inside, ask the seller about what was transported in it. Some of them are used to ship items with a strong odor.

Consider Your Location

Availability and the cost will depend on the area you are trying to get it. You will have a more reasonable cost if you are near a coast or major urban center. If you are in a rural area, it can be better to look up containers from both areas and compare the price, also include the price for transporting it to your location.

It can be really expensive to buy it in the area you live in if they are in high demand and you are not close to the harbor or big city. It’s better to look for a container in the closest bigger city and get it shipped. Even if you need to include the shipping cost, it can be cheaper than buying it locally. The problem is if you are not able to inspect it. The average cost for 20′ one-trip container is $2.5K to $4K. It will cost much more if you want to get a new one which is usually shipped from Asia.

Shipping Costs

Most people that would like to purchase a container don’t live close to the dealership so it needs to be transported. The price is negotiable so try to get it as low as possible. If you have a smaller container, 20′ will cost around $400 for 300 miles. Ask if the price includes surcharges and unloading. Contact a few companies that are doing this type of delivery to see if you can get a better offer.

When you order a container that has to be shipped internationally and it’s a new one, you can be charged from $2K to $20K depending on the distance and the number of containers. A great tip is to ask the company if they would like to transport goods using your container so you could get a lower price. Maybe it won’t be new, but one transport isn’t enough to make any damages.

Online Research

With just a few hours of research online you will gather enough information about the prices and best options for your situation. There are many forums that will help people out with making the right decision. When searching for a company that sells containers, look first for the ones nearest because you will be able to check them out if you find something good.

If there aren’t any companies that are selling them near you, check for the ones that are most respected and with a great rating online. Make a list of them and compare the prices. You can call them and ask for additional information like shipping cost. This way you can see if their customer service is great which means a lot.

Contacting the Dealer

Always prepare questions in advance that you will ask the dealer. This may include things like when they can do the delivery, how much it will cost, can other companies do the shipping and similar questions. Most of the important things you will be able to check on their website but one thing you can ask also is about their sale process for that particular container that you want. If they are reselling it, ask them to provide the whole background of it so you can know what has been transported in it and if it will fit your needs.

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