How to Make Your Own Winter Garden?

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Having plants in the home is not only a great solution for those who live in cities and do not have a yard, but it is also a great way to have fresh foods at your fingertips throughout the year. All you need to do is make a small effort and very soon you will be able to pick veggies from your own balcony. And is there anything better than eating a fruit or vegetable that has just been picked? It is totally worth it and will help you make that possible.

If you thought that this text refers only to herbs, you’re wrong, because today you will meet vegetables that can be planted in pots even during the winter period. Great, right?


As long as you have a warm and sunny place up to 23 degrees Celsius in the house or in your apartment there shouldn’t be any problem that will stop you from growing different kinds of pepper. Just make sure that you follow the instructions when it comes to watering and you will be able to have fresh peppers throughout the whole year. Take advantage of that.

Spring onion

Onions is one of the many foods that we love and that can be put almost in every meal. But you can now have onion in your home given the fact that it is a plant that grows really fast and it doesn’t require anything special for maintenance.

All you need to do is buy onions at the store and put them in the ground. Just make sure that you put water regularly if you want all plants to succeed.


Radishes need a few weeks to produce the first fruits. Plant them in a larger container and keep it in a sunny place. On warmer days, take them out to the balcony to soak up as much sunlight as possible.


Herbs are very easy to grow in an apartment and it is very easy to maintain them. If you want to have basil it is enough to plant it in a smaller pot and keep it on the window that is preferably on the south side. Just like it was mentioned, for every plant to succeed, you will need to provide them with enough water. Using the same way, you can plant rosemary, sage, mint, shallot.


If you’re a fan of the spring garlic whose flavor is much milder than the regular garlic, then there shouldn’t be any problem that will stop you from planting and growing garlic in your own apartment. Simply find a whole piece of garlic that you can plant in the ground and put in sunny place with good air circulation. Garlic is necessary to be watered every other day.

Lettuce, parsley and coriander

They are very easy to grow but they need a lot of sunny intervals and the coriander needs a lot of space. Put them in a sunny place and water them regularly.

Will you try to make your own winter garden in your apartment?

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