Importance of home security – Reasons behind using the best home locks

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According to a statistics from FBI, it has been shown that around 2,222,198 burglaries occur in the United States of America during a particular year. That means more than 6000 robberies per day! Isn’t that a startling fact to motivate you towards checking your home security? Among the robberies, 29% involve people at home, nearly 1 among 4 Americans have been a victim of such crime and 80% of the burglars use a first floor window or the front door to enter into a home. Of all burglaries, 62% involve forced entry into the house ad 40% are illegal entries (without any application of force).

The statistics mentioned above might not scare you but it will certainly make you aware of what is happening throughout the nation. So, this is perhaps the best time to check whether or not you have kept your home secure. Door locks are the best way of protecting your home and you shouldn’t be frugal when you choose door locks as this can lead to a huge and hefty loss in the long run. How about adding some smart locks into your home? Read on to know the features that might be needed to push smart locks into the mainstream.

The conventional lock and key system

The front door separates a home from the outside world and the potential smart lock adopters are concerned with the dangers of digitization. What would happen if a hacker detects a smart lock on your home and is able to compromise the security? What would happen if your smartphone doesn’t offer access to your home lock due to a bug or some error in the software? Make sure that smart locks look exactly like your conventional locks so that they don’t draw unwanted attention. In the event of a loss of connection between your smartphone and app, the smart lock should be able to operate with a normal key. For all such questions on home security and enhanced door lock systems, you may visit sites like Zip Locksmith.


All the advantages of connectivity with smart locks

As smart locks are Information Technology devices, they should move beyond simply replacing a conventional standard lock and key. It is the connectivity that would enhance and expand their functions like access monitoring, remote unlocking, cloud logging and some other unique web-enabled abilities. Apart from the benefits of being connected, the data transmission and communications should also be encrypted and secured.

Extra whistles and bells

Unlike the conventional lock systems, the smart lock also offers the consumers with better incentives and perks that would force them to let go of the conventional lock systems. You get video recording options through a peephole camera, automated answering through a speaker or a microphone and scheduled unlocking and locking are just some other features that you get with smart locks. All this showers enough confidence in the user to install a smart lock product instead of the traditional lock and keys.

Hence, if you’re concerned about the safety of your home and your family members, you should ensure having the best kind of security for your home. For more detailed information and options on home security, you may visit Zip Locksmith and get a clear idea of the plethora of options available.

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