Let Your Furniture Speak For You

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When you are setting up a new office, you need to think carefully about the message your furniture sends out to clients or visitors when they first enter your workspace. Your choice of furniture speaks volumes about the sort of company you are, your outlook, dynamism and taste. If you work in a creative industry this is particularly important. You cannot confront potential clients with off-the-peg generic office furniture if you want to appear to be a modern, forward-thinking company.

Let Your Furniture Speak For You
Unleash Your Inner Design Flair
Small creative industries are particularly challenged here, as new companies cannot possibly compete with the set-up budgets of larger companies, who can afford to spend thousands making the right impression on clients with the latest designer furniture. The good news is that the price of repro designer furniture is coming right down, with Eames, Mies van der Rohe and Xavier Pauchard items proving particularly good value for money at present.
Get Arty
You don’t need to be a designer to get a modern designer look, you just need to copy what other people do. Browse through interior design or architectural magazines for design ideas then hunt lower cost items out online. You will notice that many ultra-modern office environments are extremely minimalist in feel, with a small number of signature pieces that really stand out, almost as artworks in their own right. Offices can look incredibly messy when people wander around. If an empty desk space has a beautiful classic chair where a worker should be, there is always something great to look at. In design terms, the empty space continues to speak ‘investment, success and taste’. A few well-framed and hung ultra-modern prints, or relatively low cost artwork from your local art college, say a great deal about the sort of company you are.
Vintage And Industrial Items
The latest trend is for vintage and industrial office furniture, which can perhaps show you have an up to date design outlook and the confidence and flair to state it boldly. Xavier Pauchard in particular is embracing the look and their furniture doesn’t have a Philippe Starck price tag. Look at their Dining Style Table in galvanised steel, Raw Metal Side Chair or Galvanised Industrial Raw Metal Stools. These are perfect for a vintage industrial interior. Their bright modern colours appeal to the younger company too and won’t break your budget. Some reproduction pieces are hard to tell from the real thing these days. Check out Teledo bar stools, Myhaus Enamel Shades and Eames style chairs.

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