Mobile Homes – The Answer to the Housing Crisis?

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With housing becoming more and more expensive, many people are looking for alternative options. Mobile home are built to exacting safety and quality standards, so owners need not worry about their safety. The initial purchase cost is low, so people who would otherwise not be able to own their own home, can own a mobile home and save their monthly rental costs. That being said, most trailer parks do charge a rental fee to cover the upkeep of the park, such as grass mowing. This is usually significantly less than the cost of renting a house or apartment.

Most people enjoy living in their mobile home, because newer models are very modern in construction and layout to maximize available space. Many mobile homes can be put up in the space of one large single family dwelling. In our consumerism age, people have developed the idea that bigger is better; however, the shift towards being less materialistic has made a lot of people rethink their housing. Living in a mobile home does not need to be seen as the poor man’s alternative, but rather a shift towards doing more with less.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes can’t be set up just anywhere, as there are zoning rules to follow; however, mobile homes are permitted in most areas provided the necessary steps needed to set them up are followed. As the world population grows, mobile housing will probably become even more popular, and more bylaws will be adjusted to allow for them.

Mobile homes are affordable options that even offer warranties. The warranty obviously covers the homes construction, and may even cover the appliances if the home came with appliances installed. For information about the home itself, look for a metal plate affixed somewhere inside. Usually this is placed near the electrical panel, or inside a kitchen cupboard. It will have information about the home’s heating and cooling system, and other necessary utility information. The date of manufacture, the wind zone, and snow load rating will also be listed. It’s important to make sure the home you want to buy is suited for your zone. Some homes stand up to extreme winds, or winter conditions better than others.

Mortgages can sometimes be obtained from the home manufacturer. Banks will sometimes also finance mobile home purchases, but they usually require that the mobile home be permanently mounted on a foundation so it officially qualifies as a home.

Of course there are drawbacks to every good idea, and mobile homes have a few downfalls. One is that they may have cold floors, since they are often suspended in the air on jack stands, or are permanently mounted on a concrete base. It can also be hard to find replacement parts for broken fixtures, as they are often special order and not stocked at a regular hardware store. These issues are minor for most people wishing to own a reasonably priced home, and as technology advances, solutions should be found soon.

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