Office Space Birmingham and the Expanding Company – Understanding the Options

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Serviced office space Birmingham may provide a home for an expanding company, where it is located in the right area and specified to the right degree. Clearly each company requiring its own office space has different needs, both in terms of size and in terms of services.

In general terms, the concept of the serviced office refers to a workspace or collection of workspaces where vital building functions are looked after by a service contract. This contract may be used in the service of a single tenant (where an entire building is occupied by one company); or by a group of companies whose shared tenure of a building means that each one pays a portion of the facilities contract within its rent.

The facilities of a building are all of its operating elements: for example its electricity; its plumbing; and its heating or air conditioning. They also refer to the communally used areas of a shared building, for example the lobby and connecting lifts and stairwells; and to the overall maintenance of the building (whether it is shared or otherwise.

A service contract will normally mean that the building’s managers (in a shared environment) or owner (in a singly used environment) are in contact with a pre-specified service company, which holds the contract for maintenance and repair. Routine roles for this service agent will include regular inspections of all service equipment; and the replacement of any elements that have reached or are reaching the end of their useful life. Expanded service agency roles may include the ability of the service agent to plan better energy use for a building, or for clients within a building.

The tenant company, if it discovers a problem with any of its services or building facilities, may also use the contracted service agent to conduct ad hoc repairs. It is usually necessary for this arrangement to pass through the contract holder’s partner within the building (the building management staff, in a shared example) rather than directly between tenant company and service agency.

An expanding company may need to consider its future as well as its present. Indeed, the nature of expansion requires that it look at its growth to its current point and project into the future, to avoid upsizing to an office it will quickly grow out of.

The nature of services and service provision available within a specific building may also dictate the final choice made by an expanding business. Where a company is dependent on specific service types to conduct its business, or where it has a particular need in terms of physical space, it may use those criteria to define which available offices are best for its requirements.

The consumption of energy may have a big influence on the kinds of office space suited to a business with high energy requirements. Energy efficiency, for businesses of this type, becomes more than just a duty to the environment. It is also a basic financial obligation to all the stakeholders within the company. By cutting the amount of energy used to perform the same tasks, which may be done in some office space, Birmingham companies are potentially able to provide the products or services they need to without being punished by the continuously rising prices of power.

Proximity to parking and transport links may also factor strongly in an office rental decision.

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Author: Harriet Hibbs is a former logistics manager. She now writes a monthly column on design and use of office space birmingham. Birmingham is her home town.

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