Overcome the Danger of Smoke Fire with an Alarm in Your Home

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Also known as a smoke detector, a smoke alarm is a useful tool to prevent home fire. It is an intelligent device that can sense a fire in advance and notify the family of the looming danger prior to the advent of the catastrophe. It is too late to impede the fire or pull the members out when the flames have spread up to each corner of the house. Therefore, a smoke alarm is one of the essential home tools to have, for protecting your family from fires.

Types of Smoke Alarms

You can different types of smoke alarms at home improvement stores or can even obtain a free alarm from the regional fire department. A smoke alarm can be wired into an electrical board or can run on battery. For saving the lives of beloved family members, the alarm must be installed and used properly throughout in the home. Above all, you need to ensure that each alarm you purchase must have the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) label. Broadly, three types of smoke alarms are available in the market.

Smoke Fire with an Alarm


  • Photoelectric Alarm: Works by sensing a misty fire prior flames began to roar.
  • IonizationAlarm: Works by detecting big flames.
  • DualSensorAlarm: Inherits the features of the above two alarms by detecting both fires.

Of all the three, it is recommended to have dual sensor smoke alarms at different places throughout your home.

Installation Overview

Placing a smoke alarm in some remote corner may not be effective, as it may not be able to detect smoke from the far opposite corner of the home. Therefore, you need to install a smoke alarm at each corner of your home, right from the basement to the tactical areas on each floor in case of bigger coverage area. The typical places where you must have a smoke alarm are near sleeping areas, kitchen, bedroom, garage, near ceiling, and on walls. However, you must never place the detector near a window or a fireplace, above a stove,on the ceilingnext to a wall or on wall next to the ceiling, above doors, and over heating and cooling pipes.

If you wish to install a wired detector, you will need an electrician for the same. However, if you desire for a battery-powered alarm, then it is really easy for you to install. In case of the latter, you can attach the devices to the wall with the help of a screwdriver. However, you can even find those battery-operatedalarmsthat have adhesive pad attached so that you can easily affix the device to the wall.


Just installing the smoke alarms is not enough for ensuring home safety. You will also have to test them on a regular basis to ensure that they are not dormant. You need to use the test button each month to ensure that the alarm is active and batteries are charged. Next, you need to replace the batteries if you hear a light beeping noise. Then, you will have to clean the alarms for allowing the air to penetrate into the device for better fire safety.

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