Perfecting Your Outdoor Space With Paving

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With summer coming to an end, many are still considering carrying out improvements to their gardens and outdoor space, if only to make the most of the remaining summer night’s and opportunities for gatherings, BBQ’s and relaxation time! Nothing beats getting together with friends and family on a summer’s night and enjoying a light meal and a glass of wine, however in order to really make the most of it and enjoy yourself, your space needs to be suitable! There’s nothing enjoyable about sitting out and trying to relax in a yard which looks more like a construction site or derelict space than a stunning, landscaped garden and we truly believe that investing in your outdoor space is money well spent! If done right, there’s no doubting at all that you’ll at least make your money back when you come to sell your home and in many cases, a well thought out and well presented garden can even add value to your property!

For many, however, the thought of a lawn brings nothing but a vision of having to mow the grass on a weekly basis, something which busy people really don’t want to be doing in many cases. For others, there’s simply no space for a lawn, however much the desire is there! As such, what we believe to be the PERFECT solution for transforming your outdoor space is paving. Yes, plain old paving (although in many cases, it’s not so plain at all) is a fantastic way to add an extra special, aesthetically pleasing touch to your outdoor space and give it it’s own real sense of character. As such, we thought we’d showcase two of our favourite types of natural stone paving; Raj Green Sandstone and Modak paving.

Raj Green Sandstone

It’s no surprise that Raj Green Sandstone is one of the more popular types of natural stone paving, especially given how stunning it can be! Raj Green blends perfectly with most surroundings and is a robust, hard stone which, when looked after properly, will last a lifetime! These aren’t your everyday paving slabs which crack at the first sign of weathering, rather the highest quality natural stone slabs which are nothing short of perfect in every way!

As you’d expect, Raj Green sandstone see’s a mix of greens and gentle browns running through it and you’ll often see an occasional purplish tone to complement the other colours. If you’re wanting a traditional looking stone yet one which will go with almost anything, we’re confident you’ll struggle to find a stone more suitable!

Modak Paving

In comparison to Raj Green Sandstone, Modak Paving offers a striking blend of colours, complete with a pinky backdrop and distinctive veining. Modak is perhaps one of the more unique types of natural stone paving you’ll find available and one which see’s a real mix of oranges, pinks and pale yellows. Few other stones have this individual look but, for many, that’s why it’s so appealing.

Modak paving is perfect for use on both driveways and patios and can go a long way to transforming a previously dull space without much else being done at all! Whether being used in a small or a large space, the colours perfectly complement any garden and are just as well suited for use on a long driveway to add a little character!

Natural stone paving is THE perfect way to add character and style to any outdoor space and literally transform it!

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